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  1. kardus

    FS: DARKSOFT CPS2 Multi Kit

    New/unused (opened) DARKSOFT CPS2 Multi Kit for sale. Shipped from the US $410 or best offer
  2. kardus

    Which CPS2 games are already pre-jumpered for the multikit?

    Thinking of picking up another (preferably suicided) CPS2 B board for my multikit I have laying around. Does anyone have any idea what boards already come with the correct jumper/bodge wiring setup for the multikit? I believe last time I had an Alpha 3 board which was already setup properly. I'm...
  3. kardus

    [Canada] Looking for a CPS2 B-board

    Looking for a B board so I can finally get around to using my multi kit. Suicided boards are fine so long as they are in working order.
  4. kardus

    Consolised CPS3 Project

    I recently obtained a CPS3 and got a converted SuperBIOS cart which I'm loving so far. I'm using it with a SCSI2SD, HAS supergun with it and the custom plexi: Although it is a great setup, I find myself looking for something more streamlined as the setup will be moved a lot. So, I'm going...
  5. kardus

    Game install menu cannot install game?

    So I just got my card back today. When I click on the rewrite game menu, it seems to skip the menu where you choose each game and goes straight into loading new generation. Any idea what's up?
  6. kardus

    CPS2 Help

    I recently obtained a 'suicided' USA CPS2 A+B board combo (alpha 3) that I intended to use for the multikit. The A board boots to a solid green screen with no B board connected (is there anything wrong with this?). I was told it was tested and working fine although I have no way to be sure...
  7. kardus

    WTB: 1-2 Undamned DB15 USB decoders

    Looking for two undamned DB15 USB decoders
  8. kardus

    WTB Extron Super Emotia or Super Emotia GX

    Looking for an Extron Super Emotia or Super Emotia GX.
  9. kardus

    CPS3 SIMM check?

    So, thanks to @SEGASHIRO I was able to get my CPS3 tested, turns out the jojo cart that came with it was a no-cd version. During the SIMM test, it kept showing SIMM4 as bad, although the game seemed to work fine with no errors. Is this a quirk of no-cd games, or should I be looking for an extra...