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  1. mbandala

    (FOUND) WTT Two MiSTer FPGA setups for an Irem M72 PCB

    ***************** This offer is not available anymore ***************** Hi I own a multi kit for the elusive Irem M72 pcb. I really don't want to spend the money people are currently asking for these boards. As I have two MiSTer FPGA setups I don't use/need, I thought I would try to find...
  2. mbandala

    Need help finding a Sega 315-5296 chip

    Hi ! I need help sourcing said Sega 315-5296 integrated circuit. I have a S24 PCB and the chip is blown. I am attaching some photos. It can be seen that the 315-5296 has a lump on top. These can be found in C2, S18 o S24 PCBs. If anyone has a defective PCB beyond repair and wants to part with...
  3. mbandala

    *FOUND* WTB: Killer Instinct

    Hi I am looking for a clean Killer Instinct 1 or 2 PCB. With working video and sound please. Please consider using UPS, DHL or FedEx for shipping to Mexico Zip 76125. Thanks,
  4. mbandala

    *FOUND* WTB: Robocop PCB

    Looking for an original Data East 1988 Robocop jamma PCB. Currently, this board is available on eBay at outrageous prices. I just want to get a good deal without breaking the bank. Say £100 - £120?
  5. mbandala

    Positive feedback for psykom1

    @psykom1 Hi, I would like to thank @psykom1 for being so easy to deal with. He sold me a Sega C2 at a very reasonable price. This seller did'n mind sending a PCB to the UK which is something many seller are not willing to do. He definitely knows his business and I am grateful his packaging...