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  1. awbacon1

    WTB - Janky 3D 90s / 2000/ shit (list inside)

    I am a glutton for janky 90s 3D / games with no solid captures on YT Anyone have the following Operation Tiger - Taito Winding Heat - Konami Road Rage - Konami Midnight Run - Konami - FOUND GTI Club - Konami Terraburst - Konami Thrill Drive 2 - konami Code one dispatch - konami GTI Club 2 -...
  2. awbacon1

    Repairing the Thrill Drive / Racing Jam Konami NWK-TR board - part 1

    View: because in the future someone else will need to do this and they will google it and find it here :)
  3. awbacon1

    Thrill Drive - NKW-TR - hardware error -11N

    Got a Thrill Drive board off a member here just for the cost of shipping (many know who you are) and before I do what I THINK will fix the issue...figured I’d ask around Board boots, passes all CPU / Network board / Video board tests...then fails out with a -11N error My guess is...
  4. awbacon1

    Thrill Drive 3 on PCSX 2 - got it working with the dev and a friend. So go play it!

    View: Yes you could mod a fat PS2 with an IO board to play...but who is gonna do that (lots of us but you get the idea...) so we did this instead. For the community. For fun. People from the Bemani / DDR community sent me the files and a Git issue ticket got...
  5. awbacon1

    Konami Viper - Game swap methodology?

    Either my google fu is poor or what I thought I remember reading has been removed... I know you can swap Viper CF cards so long as you swap the RTC and reinitialize the eeprom on board (similar to Konami M2) and I saw someone who made a triple RTC changer / CF card changer one-off mod, but I...
  6. awbacon1

    Releasing the 3DO M2 SDK source code; should be V fun for arcade too

    View: hopefully this gets MAME working better/gets some non-arcade software booting on MAME...and lots more fun stuff :)
  7. awbacon1

    The Hyper Neo Geo 64 Encyclopedia

    View: not a hardware project (well getting it to all run at home certainly was, especially for Beast Busters and the driving games) but more of a hype reel preservation project of the entire library of the Hyper all in one long consumption spot!
  8. awbacon1

    The 3DO / Konami M2 arcade preservation project and xmas gift :)

    View: Because it is the season of giving after all and most of these are undumped variants I've managed to collect. I want you to have them :)
  9. awbacon1

    FOUND - Taito Type X2 mobo working or milti’d

    For YouTube. Want do to a multi setup / teardown / showcase of the games. If it's already a multi...awesome! If it's just a decent cosmetic condition Type X2 I can multi....just as good! Can't seem to find one that isn't coming from China and I'd rather not pay $100 just in shipping and cross...
  10. awbacon1

    ATX to JVS, a tutorial on a Build Your Own Adapter

    View: Because why not! I get asked about this a lot and I like helping people.
  11. awbacon1

    $1 light gun trigger mod

    View: I used the Dreamcast gun as an example but I did this mod on both my Namco and Konami arcade light guns and it made the guns feel brand new and in a lot of ways better than new A fun and dumb easy mod but the cost to performance benefit gulf is huge!
  12. awbacon1

    Reviving a Crypt Killer PCB with CHDMAN and SCSC2SD - a video tutorial

    View: Because one day someone else will have to do this and when I googled it...there was nothing except people restoring their boards with NOS or used SCSI drives. So whoever finds this in the future...hope it helps! (I did a text version awhile ago but like many...
  13. awbacon1

    Anyone have a part number for Konami Viper USO edge connector? (Warzaid)

    Edit : using same thread for diff question anyone know the part number for the USO edge connector on the Konami Viper? Google isn’t giving me anything. Of course the manual has no part number either EDIT 2 : NEVERMIND. I AM A CHOWDER HEAD AND DIDNT COUNT THE PINS. ITS JUST A FEMALE JAMMA...
  14. awbacon1

    WTB - a bunch of pcbs for YouTube stuff - list inside

    My hunt for rare and random crap to fill my closet and YouTube playlists is on! looking for things that really don’t have much if any gameplay videos onljne Konami Fighting Bujutsu Poly-Net Warriors Racing Jam Racing Jam 2 Thrill Drive if you have these, they are working and you want to...
  15. awbacon1

    Interest check: FRAM to DALLAS / ST pinout circuit boards for Konami suicide batteries

    Been thinking about designing and short running a batch of FRAM to Dallas / ST conversion pcbs. Basically so you can replace / dump the battery backed clock chips on Konami games from the 90's and go non-volatile solid state. Would anyone need / want these? I will make a handful for my Konami...
  16. awbacon1

    Learn to solder...from me...who's not an engineer...part 2 - through hole, drag solder and flux usage - 6/18

    View: If there is one question I get constantly on any mod or repair video I publish its "I wish I knew how to solder" I made this. Seriously soldering is one of the easiest things to pick up and learn but it seems to be daunting to a lot of people. So I...
  17. awbacon1

    Crypt Killer Hard Drive Conversion - SCSI HDD to SCSI2SD

    Writing this up for future people when they Google search, since when I started info was very non-existent :) hope it helps future person who reads it! Crypt Killer uses a 2.5” 40 + 8 pin configuration SCSI hard drive which is prone to failure due to constantly running in arcade settings. Even...
  18. awbacon1

    Beast Busters : Second Nightmare JAMMA conversion Rev 2

    I’m leaving this here for posterity so when the next person who wants to convert Beast Busters: Second Nightmare to JAMMA the info will be searchable. Plus I’ve improved the method. Here is the pinout to convert everything to JAMMA and to a custom DB15 harness so you can repurpose any old...
  19. awbacon1

    WTB - Crypt Killer PCb

    before I buy one with a dead hard drive and attempt to get it running on solid state (assuming that's all thats wrong with it) anyone have a working Crypt Killer? Always loved the game + want to talk about it on YT. If anyone has one lmk :)
  20. awbacon1

    Best way to revive Crypt Killer w/ bad hard drive? - SOLVED

    Thinking about picking up a Crypt Killer pcb working but with a dead hard drive. it’s a 2.5 inch SCSI drive on board that I’d like to convert to CF...or SD. I’ve seen it done with CF but I can’t seem to find any decent in stock options for scsi to solid state currently. I should probably walk...