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  1. ekorz

    [FS] bunch of crap, but the money goes to Ukraine (sold out!)

    [ALL SOLD -- thanks for helping!] Over in my other post I have a bunch of stuff that's for sale, but I've sold so much already that I'm going to just donate the rest of the proceeds from this crap to UNICEF for Ukraine. I just donated some but my company also matches my donations for another...
  2. ekorz

    PVM 20L5 local pickup Boston metro

    Gonna start this at $2200 or some trade/cash combo in that neighborhood. local pickup cash&carry only for now.. not many of these on this coast and I figure we should keep what we have! I had to rebuild the plastics inside a bit, but they’re strong and hold all the pcbs in place very well now...
  3. ekorz

    Cake Fighter (ケーキファイター) [MVS]

    Happy Valentine's Day! This is a game where you punch Hearts out of Cakes! If you hadn't heard, they left a hidden test program inside Twinkle Star Sprites (TSS). As a learning exercise, I expanded that program into something more playable. Now, I hope you have fun playing it! It's 1v1...
  4. ekorz

    Twinkle Star Sprites: Trainer Rom (v0.3 released)

    Update! V0.3 is out, file is attached New stuff: Fever Toggle Max Power Toggle Lua Hitbox Script for Fightcade More info ...also I 'finished' Cake Fighter so go find that too! Old v0.1 post: Never despair; I'm still working on Cake Fighter! During that (continuing) research I documented a...
  5. ekorz

    Twinkle Star Sprites: debug & dueling cakes

    This post by Sudden Desu (anyone know if he's a member here?) is worth a full read-through, so I won't go into the details here. What is relevant (to me!) is that it includes two Mame cheats I was interested in trying on actual hardware, one to enable Debug options, and another to turn the debug...
  6. ekorz

    Flipping Ms. Pac-Man (Namco 20th Anniv)

    Edit: First release here Go play your Namco 20th Anniversary board without flipping your yoke wires! Original post in spoiler now
  7. ekorz

    [Found] Tekken / Namco 44 pin harness

    Anyone got a spare Namco kick harness? Came with Tekken etc. Maybe you upgraded to the JNX one and this is in your parts box now?
  8. ekorz

    Naomi 2 netboot issue, failure at first reset

    I have a netbooting Naomi 2 that is suffering from an odd and intermittent issue. It's connected to a raspberry pi running standard piforcetools. It's running Bios 23606c-multi.ic27 "Rev C" and a Zero PIC on the dimm. I'm used to this process: Turn it all on, Naomi 2 successfully boots to...
  9. ekorz

    Boot Camp #2 - CPS1 A failure

    Who loves dead A boards?? This one at least shows me a bit of color pattern on startup, giving me hope. A boards are hard for me to troubleshoot currently because so much of the pcb is obscured by the B board. No room for my normal probes :( so I just ordered a cable kit that reorients the A...
  10. ekorz

    Boot Camp #1 - Gundam EX Revue

    To add to my Lucky Moron PCB Repair series, I decided to start this sub-chapter called Boot Camp. Previously I fixed things that were just sort of not-working, but now we'll really get into it where the board doesn't even boot. To add to the fun, I don't actually know what I'm doing and don't...
  11. ekorz

    Lucky Moron PCB Repair - #4 Killing Blade PGM Cart

    Lucky Moron PCB Repair Episode 4: Killing Blade PGM Cart (or: Fluffy's carts are superior) This game got swapped into a lot deal at the last minute when the seller couldn't find his promised Dynax mahjong title. Despite it's lack of worth I did receive a video of it working beforehand, and upon...
  12. ekorz

    IC: PVM 20L5 boston metro

    On Friday I'll be extracting my PVM 20L5 from my office in downtown crossing. Anyone been hunting one? I'm about 50/50 on selling this, but I'm curious if there's local interest. pics that I had taken wayyy before lockdown, except Time Crisis 3 looks better now, that was...
  13. ekorz

    Gunbird 2 Audio Improvement [WIP, help wanted]

    I've been working with Psikyo boards a lot, and recently noticed the audio quality differed greatly between the two PS5-pcb-layout games, Gunbird 2 and Strikers 1945iii/1999. Gunbird 2 suffers from what seems like video interference. This issues has been mentioned before on AP and elsewhere, but...
  14. ekorz

    Lucky Moron PCB Repair - #3 Strikers 1945 II

    Lucky Moron PCB Repair Episode 3: Strikers 1945 II (or: Measure Once, Cut Anyway) Even though I know about The Glitch now (awesome stuff @Hatsune Mike!), I still suck at Dodonpachi and can't even 20cc it, so it was time to put that board away and load up to some good old-fashioned Psikyo...
  15. ekorz

    Lucky Moron PCB Repair - #2 Strikers 1999

    Lucky Moron PCB Repair Episode 2: Strikers 1999 (or: Sold "Tested Working 100%") Symptom: eBay seller willfully ignored the boot-up screen where it CLEARLY SHOWS "WORK RAM NG!" and sold the board as working anyway. Game also freezes several seconds into game-play. Why do I even eBay anymore...
  16. ekorz

    Lucky Moron PCB Repair - #1 Double Dragon

    Lucky Moron PCB Repair Episode 1: Double Dragon (or: how you would fix this pcb since you aren't @caius either) A local collector recently listed multiple boards for sale, and the combination of both a) geographically-nearby and b) reasonable-prices put me into a buying mood, even though...
  17. ekorz

    PCB Preheater

    I’m considering getting a pcb preheater for making smd work a bit easier and cleaner. Right now I just heat up the back side arbitrarily before I work on the front, but I’m well aware it’s not ideal as my pcbs inevitably warp slightly by the time I’m done. I would probably be satisfied by a UV...
  18. ekorz

    Not mine: Fighting Bujutsu full cab Not mine. I should buy it just for the pcb... But I don’t want to do that to a full cab so here’s hoping someone is also a rare fighter fan and can scoop this up.
  19. ekorz

    Final Fight 30th Anniversary Edition

    Look what just got released by Grego and Rotwang: Also the link Copy/paste from the Intro notes, emphasis mine... Final Fight 30th Anniversary Edition is a modification to Final Fight World, in mame, that enhances...
  20. ekorz

    Nanao ms-2931 buzz (fixed!)

    Been living with this for a while but I feel like I should address it now that flybacks are available. If it’s the flyback... I don’t see any cracks or arcing. this buzz is pretty consistent, I do think it gets slightly louder as the tube warms up. It will buzz at a higher rate at 24 or 31khz...