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  1. mathewbeall

    WTB: Pioneer CLD-A100

    Preferably with the Sega and NEC Pac's. Matt
  2. mathewbeall

    Track and Field board - all of a sudden not booting

    Hi Folks! Weird issue - was getting ready to take my Track and Field board into work and get it all hooked up. Checked it out at home - worked great - I changed the battery just in case the one in there was old, and went to work and hooked it up. The board booted to something similar to the...
  3. mathewbeall

    Selector switch (1 of 3)

    Hi @Darksoft - in putting on Lion's kit for the Multi for Taito F3 - I managed to break one of my switches on the selector box. Can you link to me which switch you used? I need to order some and replace it! Thanks, Matt
  4. mathewbeall

    OSSC Error out of the blue (init error -2)

    I just turned on my OSSC this morning - and it says "Init Error -2" Any idea what this means, and how to fix it? This box has been rock solid for 2 years now! Matt
  5. mathewbeall

    Feedback for MathewBeall

    Starting this thread - since some folks had asked me for what kind of AP feedback I have.
  6. mathewbeall

    I haven't seen this B board config before - what are the contacts for?,bu=bu,ut=ut,osub=osub,crd=crd,segname=segname,chnl=mkcid I have never seen a B board...
  7. mathewbeall

    Positive feedback for MostroVeneno

    I just purchased a CPS3 motherboard (which completed a kit for me, and its up for sale now!) from @MostroVeneno . He was quick to respond and communicate with, and even though it shipped from Argentina - super fast to get to the US! Packed well, great communications - a very positive experience!
  8. mathewbeall

    SOLD: CPS3 with SIMMS, Scsi2CD, CDROM, Darksoft Repro Security cart - working perfectly

    Hi Folks, I have a CPS3 motherboard set up with the full complement of SIMM's for the Darksoft ULTRABios - all working perfectly. both player inputs, volume pot is nice and smooth. The security cart is a darksoft repro - with the ULTRA CD BIOS on it - so if at some point in the future you...
  9. mathewbeall

    Jasen mystery box sale! He is doing this to raise some funds for the creation of a CPS1 case (that will fit the multi!). I have both his CPS2 and CPS3 case and the quality is top notch. I just bought two of these... :)
  10. mathewbeall

    Pretty cool idea

    Although it's a bit expensive I think, but maybe there is a lot of R&D time in there...
  11. mathewbeall

    Initial D3 - Head to Head setup - troubleshooting

    Hi Folks! Well - I finally got both my Naomi 2's setup with @chunksin excellent wipi package and have OpenJVS, CardEmulator and game loader all setup. I have my 2 Naomi's all setup as well, running to different monitors. The fiber cables are connected properly (crossed over) and I have the...
  12. mathewbeall

    Pending Sale: CPS3 with Custom SH2 security cart with no-CD BIOS

    Hi Folks - I will get pictures up later tonight. I have a CPS3 motherboard that is working perfectly except the SCSI CD connector. It doesn't detect any CD attached to it - either physical or SCSI2CD. But - if you are looking to run the UltraSimms - no problem! As I said - CPS3 motherboard...
  13. mathewbeall

    Sold: RetroTink 5x-Pro

    Hi Folks! I ordered one of these, but ended up not needing it. I am not looking to gouge anyone - just sell it for what I paid for it ($333) plus whatever shipping is. I think it will be $15 or so USPS. It is still in the unopened box - I can open the box and take pictures if you want, but I...
  14. mathewbeall

    Jasen's amazing case is doing ONE last run

    This is one of my favorite cases - so amazingly well built, solid as a rock. If you want one - last chance to get one. Matt
  15. mathewbeall

    Parts I used for Blade's Rpi Loader for Namco 2x6

    Hi @Kujako - I decided to start a new post, so that if other people had the same question, it was easy to reference. This is what I used to get mine all built. 1 of these, its for connecting the security card to the front panel usb -...
  16. mathewbeall

    CPS3 - P2 "up" is stuck on

    Hi Folks! I was getting ready to sell a CPS3 mobo - and realized that P2 UP is stuck high. After doing some reading, I will be testing CR2 (p2 up is pin 18 on the solder side) to see what it looks like, but it seems like its either CR2 - or the custom that it goes to? Anyone else had this...
  17. mathewbeall

    Capcom CPS3 - fully working, darksoft "standard" SH2 cart with ULTRAsimm BIOS, SCSI2CD board

    Hi Folks, I have a CPS3 kit that is working very well - no issues other than the volume POT which is common with these. It still works, but can be tempermental. It's easy to replace, but if the person who ends up buying this wants me to replace it, add $10 for the switch and shipping ($1...
  18. mathewbeall

    Neo Geo MVS Backup RAM error

    Hi Folks! I have my OMVS consolized MVS that I just dropped the HDMI kit into a few weeks back - I played it for a few hours, all good. I fire it up today - and this is what I am greeted with BACKUP RAM ERROR ADDRESS WRITE READ 00D00000 5555...
  19. mathewbeall

    Namco 246 - Bloody Roar 3

    Has anyone gotten this to work on their 246 setup? I keep getting a dialogue about "Setup CD Location". Matt
  20. mathewbeall

    Namco 2x6 Multi Tray (Rev C kits)

    Hi Folks! Here is some work I did to get a mounting plate for the Multi kit from @BladeZX, starting from the work that @electric_monk did to mount his ODE. I found that printing it in 2 parts created a stronger front panel (I printed it face down) vs just the one part. I used keystone USB3.0...