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  1. bagheera369

    Positive Feedback for Mugen_Ketsueki

    Had a purchase for MKII pcb. Board wound up with some issues, and @mugen_ketsueki was easy to deal with, and quick to cover the repairs from @channelmaniac . Great seller, easy to deal with, and would happily recommend. Thanks again Mugen!
  2. bagheera369

    AC/NAC PCB Board Slide/Mounting bracket.

    Piece was missing out of the NAC I bought. I can bend some metal to make something eventually, but it would be nice to have an original. Looking for price shipped to TX.
  3. bagheera369

    Intrest Check / Price Check / For Sale - School of Ragnarok Cabinet

    Hey guys! So a friend picked up this School of Ragnarok Cabinet recently, and but is not an arcade guy himself. He got it for me, thinking it was something I could use, but unfortunately, I'm full up. It's missing the monitor, and the computer, but has all the I/O's and control boards. The...
  4. bagheera369

    Please Delete This Thread

    Please Delete
  5. bagheera369

    WTB 1x Sega Aero City Control Panel Tang/Latch (No lock needed)

    So it would seem I'm missing one of these, to finish locking down my Aero, and I'd just like to pick up one from someone, if they have a spare. I have sega locks, keys, and tangs to trade if needed. Thanks!
  6. bagheera369

    Riverservice 2L 12B Sega Aero Upper Bezel/Panel w/hinge

    Hey all...I know most all of us prefer the original panels/surrounds/etc...but I wanted to post this here, in case it actually helps anyone at all. 40$ + Shipping and its yours. buttons and sticks included, but will need wiring.
  7. bagheera369

    Original GDEMU *sold*

    Hey everyone.... Trying to part with my Original Deunan GDEMU. No price gouging, no funny business...just price of 140$USD plus 10$ Shipped and insured anywhere in the US. Outside of the US, I will be happy to ship, at your expense. Never installed, complete with stands, ready for a home in...
  8. bagheera369

    **SOLD** Irem M72 Hero Tonma board and M72 Multi, with rotary selector

    Ok I ran into an opportunity, and am going to have to part with a couple things. First up is my M72 Multi, on a Legend of Hero Tonma boardset, with rotary selector. This was not a cheap board set......I'm into it for more than i wanted be....970$ to be exact. I'm starting it there...
  9. bagheera369

    Positive Feedback for CoolFox

    @CoolFox was an excellent seller, quick to ship, and the Bells and Whistles board was packaged well. Will definitely buy from again! Thanks man! :D
  10. bagheera369

    PC: Really interesting shmup titles

    OK my friend bought out a warehouse recently, and we came across some pretty cool stuff, but a lot i haven't seen prices I could use a hand from everyone. THIS IS NOT A SALES THREAD, AT THIS TIME! PLEASE DON"T HAMMER ME WITH "DIBS" OR OFFERS . Ok...heres the list. Fire...
  11. bagheera369

    Paperboy Control Panel

    Looking for a Paperboy control panel, with yoke if at all possible, in reasonable condition. Pm me if you can help!
  12. bagheera369

    Positive feedback for buyer, mk17ch

    Picked up the 2x6 multi from me. Easy to deal with, patient while I sorted shipping, and happy to confirm that dongle came in clean and fine. Will happily do business with again!
  13. bagheera369

    Positive feedback for buyer, Parodius!

    Picked up a Beast Busters 2nd Nightmare pcb from me...patient while i sorted it out on my end, and helpful when shipping came out, way more than expected. Would do business with again, happily!
  14. bagheera369

    System 2X6 Multi (w/ Brizzo's blessing) 190$ + shipping

    Guys and Gals, I need to fund a home project, and the PFX's dipped too far into the budget. Therefore, after clearing it with Brizzo, I'm selling my sys2x6 multi, for 190$ + Shipping. 10$ off price, for having opened the package, admired the sticker, and set it on my desk. Dongle is just as I...
  15. bagheera369

    AMP UP pins for 22-26ga wire Both types 5$/100

    Getting 5000 of each very shortly, and willing to sell some off at 5$ per 100. Should be able to get em in a bubblewrapper for 5$ postage anywhere in the states. Selling up to 3000 of each type. I will need the rest for cab wiring that's coming up. Let me know if I can help, and I will add you...
  16. bagheera369

    Weekend Parts digg for the community!

    So, heading to Santa Fe for some monitors this weekend, and apparently, if you ask nice enough, my seller has 2 Shipping containers of parts he will let you go through. :D Some older atari/classics stuff, some newer modern Sega stuff, like a whole Fzero steering yoke. If there is anything you...
  17. bagheera369

    PC: Beast Busters Second Nightmare w/Mobo and harness

    Guys, looking to get a feel on where this should be priced, as im not familiar with any neo64 stuff. Thanks!
  18. bagheera369

    Raiden Fighters Jet (Cartridge Only)

    Have one Raiden Fighters Jet cartridge for sale, no motherboard included. Has a burned American region rom installed, but also comes with the original Japanese region rom as well. Looking for 140$ USD, paypal gift, and will ship from Texas to wherever at buyers cost. ** My apologies. I forgot...
  19. bagheera369

    Sega Locks!!!

    Okay folks, so I need to find these a home, as they aren't really doing me any good here, in a box, on a shelf. None of these locks have tangs, but they do have nut for mounting to the cab, and the nut for holding down the tang. These are unique locks, that were not duplicated, and used as coin...
  20. bagheera369

    Dragon's Lair LD Player manual

    So I was digging around on Facebook today, in the Arcade Game Repair Group, and a Joseph Migeed popped in, and offered us all up the complete manual for the Pioneer PR-7820 that's the really common player for DragonsLair cabs. Apparently most places only had a partial manual available, and the...