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  1. pvwradtke

    FS: Wire harnesses of all kinds, custom work

    Hello, can you make the remote cable for an Astro City monitor panel, to move it from the chassis to the control panel?
  2. pvwradtke


    PM for Golden Axe.
  3. pvwradtke

    FS: Cleaning out my shelves - Taito X2 & Atomiswave + KOV - More to come

    How much would be shipping of the X2 to Canada? Would you have a JVS IO board to JAMMA as well?
  4. pvwradtke

    Konami GX System issue (Gokujou Parodius)

    Hi folks, just to follow up, and to let @ic3b4ll know he was right on target. I was able to isolate the issue testing on a friend's stack. While my main board boots without the ROM board, the ROM board is actually fine and the main board is busted. My ROM board works just fine on my friend's...
  5. pvwradtke

    [FS] MVS carts and kits + motherboards

    Sent a PM for Last Resort, in case it's still available.
  6. pvwradtke

    Konami GX System issue (Gokujou Parodius)

    Thanks for the tips, will wait for COVID-19 to be able to visit my friend and do a full test.
  7. pvwradtke

    Konami GX System issue (Gokujou Parodius)

    What would be the side effect of not initializing the PCB, out of curiosity? I'll try it and see what happens, sure, but it feels weird that the games does boot.
  8. pvwradtke

    Konami GX System issue (Gokujou Parodius)

    Thanks, I'll pickup a logic probe - though I'd love to get an osciloscope sometime as well :). I have a friend that has a System GX board and we talked about doing some tests next time I go there, but COVID-19 is keeping us from doing that. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll keep looking on it and...
  9. pvwradtke

    Konami GX System issue (Gokujou Parodius)

    Voltage is 5.02V (though I'm far from ideal, as I have an ATX PSU connected to my board). I have taken out the EPROMS and I have reseated them, and I spotted no visible corrosion - though I'd ave to check under a microscope to see better. I did a visual inspection and couldn't see bad traces...
  10. pvwradtke

    Konami GX System issue (Gokujou Parodius)

    Hi folks, I have a Konamy GX System board with a Gokujou Parodius game sub board. It's my only GX system board and game, so I can't really swap parts to better troubleshoot the issue. With the board, the game boots to garbage screen - the game seems to be running, because I can go to the test...
  11. pvwradtke

    Is there any small lcd that can accept cga or vga?

    There are several VGA monitors that can do CGA resolution - there's a list at (missing some entries) and another one in Portuguese at that has a few different entries (can't say it's more complete, but...
  12. pvwradtke

    ST-V Motherboard Issues

    At least one of them could be one the secondary CPUs that has cracked solders - you should be able to play a game that doesn't use the secondary CPU (e.g. Shanghai). Just use good flux and re-solder the CPU and it should work if there's nothing else busted. For the one that boots to a black...
  13. pvwradtke

    Hello from the great Montreal (Canada) area

    Hi folks, I'm Paulo, a gamer and collector from the great Montreal area (south shore, at Saint Constant) in Canada. Iḿ new posting in the forum, but I've been lurking for quite some time, and decided it was time for me to do my introduction. Besides videogames, I collect arcade games, and have...