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    irritating maze capacitor value

    So you know better than SNK? That's impressive... I guess. And humble on top of that!
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    PVM-9044Q Problems

    @Joko3, it's actually not that bad, first one has probably a failed thyristor in the vertical deflection circuit, second looks to have cut off sets way too high for blue.
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    Jamma SNES

    I prefer the solution where the console stays untouched and the adapter plugs into the power jack, AV port and controller ports. Also if the console fails (which is frequent with Super Nintendos/SNESs) you don't need to redo all the mod again. Is that something you could offer?
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    BrezzaSoft Crystal of the kings

    Yes there are here. I'm talking conversions not bootlegs. The shell is reused form the donor and a repro sticker is applied on it. It's a single flash you have to reprogram, I don't think it's an issue for any decent programmer (that means NOT the TL866 or TOP3000 crap). Who knows maybe you can...
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    BrezzaSoft Crystal of the kings

    @sheep_nova could you please take a picture of the PCB of the cartridge, there are many CoK conversions out there.
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    BrezzaSoft Crystal of the kings

    Is it sold out from the creator?
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    Irem M92 Multi Game Support

    I asked about it to @Apocalypse tonight and he has something ready. I'm not too strong on the technical side but he said writing the slot/bank number through a dedicated port or address wasn't a problem.
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    WTT WTS M72 Ninja Spirit, Mr Heli, 1st release Strider USA ver, New Zero Team. (ALL GONE)

    Contact @mitsurugi_w. Done. :) What's the price?
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    What kind of System 16 hardware is this?!

    It's the second revision of System 16A, only compatible with S16A romsets.
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    FS: Armed Police Batrider Ver B.

    Lucky me, we mostly have Japanese or Asia versions here. Actually Asia versions are overlooked by westerners IMO and should be considered the "best" versions since they're often identical to the Japanese versions in terms of difficulty and features with the added bonus of English texts.
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    FS: Armed Police Batrider Ver B.

    I don't see any other difference: Suddenly the "best" or more desirable B version just sound meh to me, or at least doesn't justify the higher price.
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    Vote: What style M92 Multi would you buy?

    I voted for a simple one. Actually it could work with any other M92 title I'd still buy it cause I own them all.
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    irritating maze capacitor value

    You are wrong, it's a 47µF/16V capacitor:
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    Buy your Konami Reproduction Sound Modules (©Caius) here!

    Mystery solved: Konami did use a LC78820 on the latest modules. Now back to the datasheet to understand how it can work.
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    Buy your Konami Reproduction Sound Modules (©Caius) here!

    @AlxUnderBase, no this is the old and well known DAC reference (AD1868) but the design has been updated because said DAC was getting expensive. I see plenty of alternatives for that DAC like the LC78820 from Sanyo but I'm not sure it would work by cross-reading the two datasheets. For instance...
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    Cabal MVS port by iq_132

    Thanks @Darksoft I missed that 'multi' zip file.
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    Cabal MVS port by iq_132

    @ShootTheCore I meant I have the files but not concatenated/merged in an usable way by the multi. @Darksoft is there a tool to convert MAME dumps to the format used by your multi?
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    Cabal MVS port by iq_132

    Is there a menu version of the files for Xeno Crisis? I saw the dumps floating around a couple of days ago. Just so people know where I stand, I did buy their game.
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    Read PAL registered (DuPAL dumper)

    That's how @Apocalypse's registered PALs cracker works, the more you know about the chip, the easier it is to get it reversed. Unfortunately that tool was never made available to the mass and stayed in a prototype phase with no documentation (from its author). I guess we should focus on the...
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    gbs 8200 in high impact football

    From the master: set vertical position to a value >= 28