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  1. ItsBobDudes

    WTB: Working Daytona USA Drive board and/or MK1 Sound board

    I am looking to complete some games. I am looking to buy working Daytona USA Drive board and/or MK1 Sound board.
  2. ItsBobDudes

    Hakko FR-301 Desoldering Gun review

    The one thing I really dislike about the FR-301 is that it doesn't have a timeout safety feature. If you think about walking away it's better just to shut it off. I am always scared of burning down my house :unsure:
  3. ItsBobDudes

    Have you seen this little daughter board on a cps2?
  4. ItsBobDudes

    Noob questions: PCB repair - opinions welcome

    Find boards that are completely dead to practice on. CPS2 boards with battery damage, MVS 4 slots with battery damage are good candidates and they are cheap because they look (and maybe are) so hopeless. People are pretty aware that boards can be revived with infinikeys and usually try and...
  5. ItsBobDudes

    WTB: Dogyuun

    Not my auction. GL
  6. ItsBobDudes

    Blast City Monitor issues and Naomi2 netdimm power

    Sounds like the monitor chassis needs a recap too.
  7. ItsBobDudes

    Hakko FR-301 Desoldering Gun review

    These are great for clearing clogs too. I second Bodgit's advice about holding the PCB vertically. The tool only needs to make light contact with the PCB. Just need to make good contact with the solder blob.
  8. ItsBobDudes

    Joko Re-Introduction, YAJ/Akiba Shopping Service Offer

    @Joko3 and I went on a digital adventure together. I went cruising YAJ for Gundam sticks so I could put together a Monkey Ball panel. I found what I needed BIN so I contacted Joko to handle the transfer to the states. I figured since I was having stuff sent I may as well look at the DDP boards...
  9. ItsBobDudes

    WTB: Astro psu plate with wiring to psu

    Are you just looking for the plate? Or the wiring to go along with it as well? If it’s only the plate it could be 3D printed.
  10. ItsBobDudes

    Atari VCS $99 at Gamestop update: OOS

    Link Looks like the end is near for the VCS.
  11. ItsBobDudes

    Taito Vewlix L foot plug

    Just learning Fusion 360, so I started with something simple. My Vewlix L was in need of plugs to hide the cut for the leveling feet. I did up an Invader plug and a Logo plug.
  12. ItsBobDudes

    Wtb Muchi Pork . 1500 bucks or more?

    The board that went for $1500 was a killer deal on a board that required a (potentially) known repair. I don't know if this price tracker has been updated in the past few months but it should help you get a better idea of the going rate...
  13. ItsBobDudes

    WTB: Sega Astro/Blast City - Taito Egret II (Canada)

    You should have paid $900 more for the "nice" factor.
  14. ItsBobDudes

    WTB: Egret 2, 3, or 29 for 5000 USD or trade + cash *FOUND!* From Nov last year
  15. ItsBobDudes

    Want To Buy Solid Supergun for CRT

    Are there any major known issues with the Opensource Minigun ?