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  1. aerobert

    Sold:battle garegga,Sold out

    Put me down for one if more pcb ever show up.
  2. aerobert


    T-T-T-T-TURBO FORCE Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  3. aerobert

    CAVE PGM conversion audio quality

    I had a china conversion a while. Got rid of it quickly due to said audio issues and reverted back to original PCB. I had fluffys pcb's a while but was too lazy to solder them up. The PGM cart system is just not for me.
  4. aerobert

    CAVE PGM conversion audio quality

    Shouldn't be a difference. It's the same hardware as the Cave PCB versions, same caps etc? But I agree that it feels...worse. I had an issue on a PGM convert Espgaluda where "Presented by cave" was extremely scratchy but the rest of it seemed ok. I always get drawn in by cheaper solutions but...
  5. aerobert

    hi. everyone. i am yaton

    Welcome, glad you're here to clarify around all the imposters.
  6. aerobert

    Joko Re-Introduction, YAJ/Akiba Shopping Service Offer

    I'm happy things worked out. Hopefully Japan opens up this year and will make sure to pay you a visit when time comes. Right, there was some weird sync issue for you. I only ever played it in my Pony 3, so can't unfortunately tell you if Astros and Blasts had any issues. Take care man.
  7. aerobert

    Joko Re-Introduction, YAJ/Akiba Shopping Service Offer

    How could I miss your post @Joko3? Wonderful service and thanks for offering it. I hope everything works out for you over there. Did you get that C&D fired up?
  8. aerobert

    WTB: Espgaluda

    Bumping In search of Espgaluda. PM me if you have for sale.
  9. aerobert

    FS: Some Cave pcbs

    Hmm missed that you're selling Espgaluda. I'm interested should the deal fall through.
  10. aerobert

    FS: cave pcb’s & kits, ngdev fast striker full

    I'm confused. Three, four threads about cave pcb's? All different sellers or how many shadow accounts does this guy have?
  11. aerobert

    Official: CPS1 (CPS1.5) Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    Will a suicided abc game work as base for this? I assume yes?
  12. aerobert

    Streaming equipment

    I'd like to get into streaming my pathetic gaming sessions so I'd like to buy anything related to that. Jamma A/V breakout, upscaler and capture card etc. Ossc 1.6 would be nice. Only EU. Cheers
  13. aerobert

    CAPCOM CPS2 Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara US Version

    Another China seller with a bunch of conversions? No offense... but *sigh*
  14. aerobert

    Capcom CPS1 SF2+ Piskyo gunbird 2

    "PS5 has a different memory map than PS3-V1. Otherwise identical." According to mamedev. So its a conversion...and in poor condition.
  15. aerobert

    Update; EU only PCB bundle; Volfied, Caveman Ninja, Devastators, Shanghai, Raiden DX / 2 + Street Smart! ALL SOLD !

    Esprade international have been about 500 euro for some time. Add 100 for jap for some reason. Trade for espgaluda would be fair imo. Batrider is 1200-1600 euro whenever it appears. Seem to be roll of the dice most of the time. Usually pay whatever. Which is strange to me since batrider was a...
  16. aerobert

    What version is my Outzone pcb?

    And to add to this misery it seems there are differences between the region versions (which is controlled by jumpers) as well. The french forum mentions the default extend settings are different. Then who knows what else has been changed between regions. So in that case we have rom+region...
  17. aerobert

    What version is my Outzone pcb?

    Further contact with Guts reveals that there was a lengthy discussion about the versions in the french shmup forum here: One of the posts suggest that set 1 ( isn't simply like the second loop of Set2. TRANSLATED "But the Set 1, ouh...