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    Save vertical setting for Niko's multi

    So i can use a keyboard to get into the registry editor and set Nesica games to vertical, however it doesnt save between reboots? Is there a way to make this setting sticky?
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    Type X2 running fine but psu fans not spinning

    Anyone have any idea why that would be? System seems to run fine, the psu gets quite hot though (not burning hot).
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    New X2 owner, resolution question

    I just got a Vewlix L with a Type X2 and a multi. I dont know how to identify which multi it is but it has Nesica games on it. Its a 205 version, it has a 7900 gt oc and im using DVI to vga adapter with vga cable. In the multi menu it seems i get 4:3 stretched. Same in mame. I just tried the...