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  1. Heatermania

    WTB Sega Naomi or Naomi 2 motherboard.

    Hey guys. Long story short, my Naomi gave up the ghost and I need to replace it. Looking for either a Naomi or a Naomi 2 if the price is right. But Virtua Fighter isn’t the biggest deal to me. Thanks in advance.
  2. Heatermania

    Just got a Naomi with a CF Reader. Have some questions...

    Hey guys. Was just gifted a Naomi setup with a Compact Flash reader installed on it. It's supposed to be able to run Naomi and Atomiswave games, but I don't know a lot about it. I've also ordered a Capcom I/O board. I was looking for some info about using a Naomi with a HAS, and...
  3. Heatermania

    WTB Capcom I/O for Sega Naomi

    Hey guys. Just got my hands on a CF Reader Naomi setup and it didn't include an I/O board. I'm just learning about them but apparently the Capcom one is better due to the six button layout and Q sound support. Long story short, is anyone selling one for a reasonable price?
  4. Heatermania

    CPS2 Multi solid color screen HELP NEEDED

    Hey guys! I have a Darksoft CPS2 Multi, and I've been having this problem or that problem for a while now. The most current problem is a red/lavender screen. I tried shorting the jumpers, reformatting the card, using a different card, and just can't seem to have any luck. Does anyone have...
  5. Heatermania

    WTB - CPS2 A Board

    Hey guys Finally getting my Darksoft CPS2 Multi out of storage and ready to use and my A board isn't outputting sound. Turns out it has a huge dent in the bottom of it like it had been stepped on. So, now I need to replace the A board. Fortunately my "B" board is fine..... So yeah... anyone...
  6. Heatermania

    HAS-CPS2 problems for a newbie

    Hey guys, I'm running into a bit of a problem, and I hope you guys can be of some help. Last year I purchased a HAS Supergun and a Darksoft CPS2 board from a user on this forum, and I'm just now really getting to play with it. However, I am completely unable to get any sound, either from the...