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  1. Segasonicfan

    Virtual Juice - The USB Power Solution for Virtual Boy

    Introducing...The Virtual Juice! The ultimate USB power solution for your Virtual Boy system This new design will upgrade and replace any existing AC Tap adapter (compatible with all OEM controllers), incorporating new features: Micro USB input (compatible with USB power banks for portable...
  2. Segasonicfan

    Sega CD FLEX!

    Details: View: This is an extra long replacement flex cable to greatly assist in the repairs and maintenance of model 1 Sega CD units. It's twice the length of the CD drive cable in a stock system, has test points, and a modern style flip connector...
  3. Segasonicfan

    Mystery Project - Revealed!!

    See here!
  4. Segasonicfan

    Virtual Ribbon - The Permanent Virtual Boy Eye Fix by SSFD

    While not exactly arcade-related, I thought I would share my latest project here (I mean, this is the SSFD section, after all :D) ------- We've all heard of the failed LED displays on Virtual Boy systems... ..the various fixes of gluing, 3D printing hold brackets, melting the original cable...
  5. Segasonicfan

    Intro & Coming Soon - Sync Clean Pro V1.0

    Hi everyone! I design retro PCBs and have been a part of the online retro gaming community for about 19 years now.. You can see my shop here: I've got a few new designs in the works, however, I'm not posting a lot at the moment because I'm finishing some...
  6. Segasonicfan

    SSFD here

    Hey folks, good to be here! I'm a longtime retro fan and I currently have a shop where I design and make retro gaming PCBs for people around the world. I used to own cabs, now I mostly hack CRTs!