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    MV1FZNB2 Garbage Screen/Green Screen Loop

    Hi all, took out my MV1FZ board out of storage to enjoy some KOF however I think I might have caused an accident. Played it for a few hours. however volume on the board was loud and kept distorting, so I went to tinker with the audio pot (VR1) - turning it did not make any difference to the game...
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    Positive feedback for djcalle

    Hi all, I reached out to djcalle to see if he would be interested in installing a PSIO switchboard and repairing my PC Engine controller port. Throughout the whole process djcalle went beyond and above my expectations, keeping me updated on WhatsApp with pictures and videos documenting...
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    Base/Bottom piece of an Astro City Control Panel ideas?

    Hi all, I have been searching the internet trying to find ideas on what could possibly replace the bottom piece of an astro city control panel bezel. So far I have seen some clever and painstaking woodwork to house the top part, but was wondering if anyone here had other ideas. I have a few...
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    EOI: CPS2HDMI install (Australia)

    Hey all, sorry if this is the wrong place to post but I just received my board and was looking for someone to install it on my a-board. Not sure who does this service in aus (if anyone at all :P ) but shoot me a pm if you can tackle it and we'll work out details from there. Cheers :thumbsup:
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    What to use as a cps2 kick harness connector?

    Hey guys, i'm interested in making my own cps2 kick harness. I've seen people use various connectors (molex, hirose), was wondering if anyone had any advice on what the best/easiest option is? If I go the Hirose route I understand I'd need parts 'DF1B-34DS-2.5RC'( the connector) + 43030-0001...
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    Neo Geo MV-1H z80 error

    Hi guys, trying to diagnose the z80 error on a MV-1H motherboard i've received a while back, so far I have only looked/tinkered with it on a surface level checking soldering and traces. On a surface level to my eyes it looks like it's in okay condition, nothing that stands out such as battery...
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    [PC] 2P12B Control Panel (Astro City Clone?)

    Hey guys, have a control panel here i'm wanting to get a price check on. I believe it is an Astro City clone of some sort? I've had it for a while now but never got around to using it. Part's dont seem to be manufactured by sanwa, has been in storage for some time, general rust/stains and wear...
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    Hi from Melbourne, Australia!

    Heya, sup all :D Thought I'd start posting on this forum since I've sorta gotten back into the hobby of collecting arcade pcb's and what not. As my name suggests I am mainly a CPS2 head (but I actually have more MVS cart's than B boards :P ). I only have the one Alien vs Predator board at the...