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  1. Sir_Kit Jumper

    Negative feedback thread for kcarcadegame

    *Edited* Stand corrected, sounds like the 3K post was on FB and didnt make its way to AP.
  2. Sir_Kit Jumper

    Positive Feedback for GeeDee

    GeeDee is a real american hero, supplying an assortment of guns to his countrymen :smuggrin:
  3. Sir_Kit Jumper

    Negative feedback thread for kcarcadegame

    Looks like KC really crashed and burned over the Chunithms! @mrasmus did you ever end up receiving the promised parts from KC?
  4. Sir_Kit Jumper

    Positive Feedback: Mattsoft

    Just making a quick thread to give a shout out to Matt for the free giveaway he hosted earlier this month. This hobby is ridiculously expensive as it is, and I'm truly appreciative of scene veterans paying it forward. I vow to do the same when I can as well! Thanks again!
  5. Sir_Kit Jumper

    WTB: Sega Astro/Blast City - Taito Egret II (Canada)

    Agree wholeheartedly, all of my fondest memories at the arcade were directly because of the community surrounding it... the hype, the tense matches, the screaming, the high scores and win streaks! The few times I did something completely sick or one credit completed tekken 2 or 3 without anyone...
  6. Sir_Kit Jumper

    WTB: Egret 2, 3, or 29 for 5000 USD or trade + cash *FOUND!*

    Not only did you manage to track down one of the most sought after units, you did it in under a week! Hats off to you! Take some pics when its all hooked up and link us to the stream!!
  7. Sir_Kit Jumper

    SOLD: Buttons, ball tops, and other bits for Vewlix and others

    I'll take the barrel lock if you still got it :thumbup:
  8. Sir_Kit Jumper

    Game Saru cab imports - Rest period until 6/1/2022 (updated 5/6/2022)

    Anyone want to start a group buy for one of the egrets? I'll plunk down 3K for the control panel, power cable, and a piece of the bezel.
  9. Sir_Kit Jumper

    Today I worked on lots o’ cabs!

    BuddyC is doing the lord's work for sure, every time you resurrect a CRT, an evil LCD is denied entry through the pearly gates of the arcade!
  10. Sir_Kit Jumper

    Negative feedback thread for kcarcadegame

    As it stands, KC has agreed to send the replacement parts. Can we wait for OP to receive and verify he's made whole without gathering around with pitchforks, talking about chargebacks or about returning the thing. I'm 2 for 2 in my cabs shipped across country from KC, got a Vewlix last year...
  11. Sir_Kit Jumper

    WTT: Taito Egret II with NEC XM(or XP/XV/Xtra) 37+

    :love: she's beautiful! How do you feel about wrapping her up and shipping her overseas? I promise to take extra good care of her, and take her for regular walks and give her a bath and....
  12. Sir_Kit Jumper

    Nanao MS-2930 Dip Switch Woes

    Quick update, I tried a new VGA cable but still no image at all on the Blast City. VGA cable + 60-in-1 Jamma PCB are confirmed working on another screen I have here.. looks like a fault somewhere on the chassis.
  13. Sir_Kit Jumper

    Nanao MS-2930 Dip Switch Woes

    Was able to finally get my hands on a blast city, and it's testing OK with a Jamma 60 in 1 board. Finally got around to trying VGA on the multiboard and find there's no image on the screen. 60-in-1 multi was adjusted to dipswitch 2 (on) for VGA Plugged in VGA cable into 60-in-1 Set the dip...
  14. Sir_Kit Jumper

    Adopt a Japanese Sony PlayStation! Free SCPH-XXXXs from Japan!

    Your channel looks awesome, but no PS for me
  15. Sir_Kit Jumper

    FS: DE10 nano

    I'd like to get on the queue for one too, PM incoming
  16. Sir_Kit Jumper

    Vewlix body paint (black)

    Anyone who has a discolored or suntanned / nicotined vewlix Bezel, I used Rust-Oleum Painters Touch 2X Ultra Cover Flat Black to get mine looking right. Here are the before and afters :
  17. Sir_Kit Jumper

    WTB: Sega Astro or Blast City

    Looking to get one shipped to NJ in working condition. If you come across one, please think of me! :) As an added bonus, I'm pretty decent at Street Fighter (Super SF2 Turbo (Grand master challenge) and Guilty Gear (Xrd), and willing to share some game winning strats if you can help...
  18. Sir_Kit Jumper

    My Astro City Restoration Journey

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us, but darn if it hasn't made me peanut butter and jealous! Awesome resto so far!
  19. Sir_Kit Jumper

    Vewlix body paint (black)

    Have a couple of paints lined up for testing on the bezel, will let you know how it goes
  20. Sir_Kit Jumper

    New CRT monitor purchases as of May 2021 - Do you know any good sites?

    Thats a nice looking unit for sure, but its probably rounding a thousand bucks before its all said and done... but retro gaming + CRT is arcade bliss!