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    HAS + scart switcher + OSSC = any risks ??

    Hi everyone, i own a HAS and want to use a scart switcher (bandridge or gscartsw) and connect everything to an OSSC, do i have any risks of damaging something by doing this ?
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    WTB : 8bitdo N30 2.4G controller for original NES

    Hi, i am looking for a 8bitdo controller the N30 for original NES please. Thanks
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    WTB : 5 Way Automatic Scart Selector Bandridge SVB 7735

    Hi, i am looking for the 5 Way Automatic Scart Selector Bandridge SVB 7735, please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks!
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    Looking for someone to 3d print PSU cover

    Hi, i'm looking for someone who can make me this PSU cover like the one in pic please.
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    Is this crime fighters 2 pcb original ?

    Hi guys ,i want to know please if this crime fighters/vendetta jap version pcb is original with no conversion or repair on eproms, and if all stickers/eprom on it are original.
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    WTB: Violent Storm, Crime Fighters 2, Metamorphic force, Asterix

    Hi, i am looking for those konami pcb's: - Violent storm (the jap version) - Metamorphic force - Asterix - Crime fighters 2 (jap uncensored version) Thanks
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    HAS DB15 port compatibility

    Hi, I am wondering if the Megadrive padtoneogeo made by r2tronik is compatible with the HAS. I need a megadrive to neogeo/DB15 adapter for the HAS wich can also accept the 8bitdo M30 megadrive blutooth/wireless controller. Do you have any idea guys ?
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    PGM shmups in horizontal classic tv

    hi, is there any tips to get the dodonpachi 2 or any other PGM shmup work in normal classic tv without return it in tate mode ? I have a 65" oled placed on a piece of furniture and impossible to return it at this size.
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    Production of atomiswave

    hi, i am planning to buy an atomiswave mainboard but looking for a very good condition one and i found a guy on ebay who sells new ones but without the logo, he says that they removed the logo because of copyrights issues, how can this be true ? Can i trust him ? Do they continue to produce...
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    Questionning about optional module/harness for HAS

    Hi, I just bought a HAS supergun with a jamma extender harness and i have some questions about it: - If i want to play with 3 or 4 players, what do i need ? - Do i need the cps1/cps2 kick harness for 6 button games ? - how can i have remapping/rapidfire ? - what PSU is better and safer to...