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    Y2 kof02 revenge

    Y2 kof02 revenge USD330.00 Thx
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    MVS game card

    Original Samurai Shodown 2 USD30.00 The last blade USD75.00 Samurai shodown IV USD75.00 ,notice the picture 0140(on the left) include shipping fee,(not remote area) Thx
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    Naomi game card

    Giga wing 2 USD265.00 include shipping fee (original) Thanks!
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    Kof98 UM(PGM2)

    KOf98 UM(PGM2)game card+motherboard, USD280.00 per one(not include remote area). Thanks!
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    Atomiswave game card+IGS game card(the gladiator)

    IGS: The gladiator USD190.00 Atomiswave game: original Waiwai drive USD130.00 NEOwave kof USD53.00 (I'll upload some more picture tomorrow.) All include shipping fee.
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    IGS : Demon Front PGM original game card

    Demon front USD250.00 Per one include shipping fee(,except remote area). Thanks!
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    pgm+mvs and other movelist

    Picture 9567+9568+9573(movelist+poster) 1 kit USD10.00 oriental legend super special (movelist picture 9570) 1 pcs, USD4.00 per one SF 2 poster(9576) or picture 9572(I forgot that game's name,although I often play it with my friend when I was young^+^). USD4.00 per one. If u only take the...
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    Sanwa Joystick and buttons(obsf24 or 30)

    Sanwa original joystick USD26.00 buttons(obsf24 or 30) USD20.00(8 pcs), Crystal button USD5.00 per one,also 8 pcs at least. if u want buttons,8 pcs at least^+^,add 1 pcs(add 2.50),and so on.Nearly all the color (green,pink,black,white,yellow..........),we can...
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    PGM2 kof98 UM(ultimate match)+oriental legend 2+kov2

    PGM2(game card+motherboard) kof98 UM (USD280.00) oriental legend 2 (USD135.00 new case,but the size has a little problem.Pls check the attachment^+^) USD110.00 used case. knight of valour 2(the same as ol2^+^) Thanks!
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    Sammy Atomiswave game card Ranger mission

    Ranger mission (original) USD100.00 per one ( include shipping fee,except remote area) normal airmail. Thanks!
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    3 pcs atomiswave game card

    Black pong-pong USD130.00 The other 2 is also USD130.00 per one(I forgot the game's name^+^), If u can take 3 pcs at one time.USD120.00 per one. (Include shipping fee except remote area.)All were original. Thanks!
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    Sammy atomiswave Samurai Shodown VI original game card

    SS6 (original ) USD190.00 Thanks!
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    IGS PGM game card case

    Game card case,the game is knight of valor(crystal case) USD30.00 1 pcs ,if u want take over 3 pcs more USD25.00 per one.(if u want the pcb too,we'll also send it to u.If u want us remove it,pls let me know.) Thanks!
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    Capcom cps1 C board (with or without battery)

    C board without battery USD23.00(used for convert pcb) C board with battery USD24.00 (download the data by yourself,for original pcb)^+^ Thanks!
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    IGS PGM: The gladiator(game card) BrezzaSoft: Crystal of the kings(game card)

    Crystal of the kings USD300.00(game card,not include the motherboard) The gladiator USD200.00 (game card) Thanks!
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    PGM motherboard(brand new with box)

    new pgm motherboard USD230.00 include shipping fee(with box ,the battery has been exchange into 3v lithium battery,to avoid any leakout).Not include remote area. Thanks!
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    Sammy atomiswave Samurai Shodown VI original game card

    SS6 original USD185.00 Thanks!
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    BrezzaSoft : Crystal of the kings +motherboard

    Crystal of the kings+motherboard USD600.00 per one (the back of the motherboard has a little corrosion,and the battery has been changed,3v lithium). Thanks!
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    MVS Top hunters original(fake JP label,I think^+^)

    Top hunters USD85.00 (the one on the middle) Thanks!
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    Brezzasof:Crystal of the kings(final one left)

    Brezzasof:Crystal of the kings(final one left) USD600.00 (the back of the motherboard has a little corrosion), pls note the picture 2. Works fine. Thanks!