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  1. Woodpross3r (ConversusWV)

    Partially SOLD: Modified Racing Wheels to DB15/Arcade (Breakout Required)

    Hi there! I apologize if this isn't wholly arcade parts but it is console controls I hacked with arcade in mind. I have two racing wheels lying around that I modified for use on my Sega driving arcade boards that I no longer need. They are taking up space in my bedroom so these would be...
  2. Woodpross3r (ConversusWV)

    (ALL SOLD!) FS: Sega Model 2 and 3 PCBs/Parts

    Hello everyone. I've decided to sell the following Model 2 and 3 Step 2.0/2.1 parts. These all will be great parts to use if anybody wants to fix their boards or add a new title to their Sega arcade collection. I've already got some of these listed on my eBay store but I'm sure many of you Model...
  3. Woodpross3r (ConversusWV)

    Sega Rally Upright Up-Down Shifter

    Hi guys, Does anyone know about this small PCB that came inside the upright UK cabinet of Sega Rally 1995? This particular cabinet used a 2-way shifter going to that PCB, and appears to convert the data of 3 switches (pins 13, 14, and 15 of the 25pin connector), which the game used in the Twin...
  4. Woodpross3r (ConversusWV)

    Wave Runner Throttle Inverted in Model 3 Driving Setup

    Hello everyone! Just a week ago I picked up a Wave Runner Model 2C PCB, manufactured on Christmas Eve 1998 (thank you Santa! :P), and I plugged my homemade Model 3 racing wheel (hacked Dreamcast HKT-7400) into the Model 2 successfully with the appropriate power! The game runs fine in a Model 3...
  5. Woodpross3r (ConversusWV)

    Greetings from the 'burg, South Carolina

    Hello everybody! My real name's Paul but I primarily go by my absurd signature on the 'net, Conversus W. (Wears) Vans. It's a little play I did between the Converse/Vans shoe rivarly over 6 years ago, as I was obsessed with the former of the twos brands. :P Well it's great to meet everyone here...