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  1. HornheaDD

    Positive feedback for tonyt76

    Purchased a 2 slot NeoGeo MVS board from him and this thing is clean. Working 100% as described! Packed super great as well, sent UPS :) Many thanks @tonyt76
  2. HornheaDD

    MV1FS question (UPDATE - actually no sound!)

    I bought a non-working MV1FS from Bill Berger (I was fully aware it has no video). But that's all I know at the moment. It's coming in the mail soon, and I'd like to find out what kinds of things to look out for with non-working boards to see if I can bring it back from the dead. I bought it as...
  3. HornheaDD

    WTB: Neo MVS 2 slot (FOUND)

    Looking for a 2 slot. Either revision is fine. If you have one with UniBIOS 4 that'd be peachy keen. Doesn't need to be immaculate, or painted green. Just working. Let me know. I am in the USA.
  4. HornheaDD

    This may sound like a really dumb question but... Where is the Khz switch on a Blast City?

    I read somewhere that it's a switch under the control panel. But all I have under my CP is the volume knob, adjustment pots, power switch and the connectors for the controls. Is it supposed to be somewhere I can get to it easily? If anyone has pics of where it's located it would really help me...
  5. HornheaDD

    Positive feedbackles for BroadwayJose

    Dude hooked me up with a VMU cable for my MGCD I'd been after for a while. Came shipped ultra fast, and packaged well. Thanks man!
  6. HornheaDD

    Red screen upon boot in a Neo25

    Hello! I just got an IGS PGM cart with Knights of Valor from Sheep, and threw it into my Neo25, as far as I am aware the PGM is a 1/1 drop in for a Neo Geo right? I get a red screen when booting it in my Neo. But if I put it in my Blast, it fires up perfectly. Am I missing something?
  7. HornheaDD

    FS: IrkenLabs JAMMA Expander #34 for MiSTer (Sold)

    This has been sold. $175 shipped to the US Slightly used IrkenLabs' JAMMA Expander for your MiSTer. I came upon a MiSTercade, and don't have a second nano to put this in my other cab, so I want to pass it along to the others that might be after one. Pristine condition, I changed out the...
  8. HornheaDD

    Finally got a Dreamcast MGCD up and running in my cab.

    I picked upa Blast City cab a couple of months ago from a local arcade op, and it was a little beat up. Didn't have a marquee, the buttons were sticky, there was an extra hole in the CP (which came in handy, actually), and it was pretty dirty. The monitor is in decent shape and has a pretty...
  9. HornheaDD

    LF: Sega Blast City rear access panel.

    Looking for the big panel for the back of the Blast. Right now Im using some cardboard and my cat Ahsoka is starting to eye it as something to shred. I sent yaton a msg just in case, but if I can find one stateside, that'd be great.
  10. HornheaDD

    Is it possible to power something like a console from a Blast City?

    I've got a Dreamcast that is set up for JAMMA, but it still requires outside power (Its an MGCD). Is there a way to 'plug in' the Dreamcast in the cab somehow? I know Ive seen threads here and other places that talk about powering a RasPi, or whatever but obviously a Dreamcast is quite a bit...
  11. HornheaDD

    (SOLD) FS: Sega Saturn Model 1 with Fenrir, 4mb cart, Rad2x cable, 512gb SD card

    US Model 1 VA0 MK-80000 Saturn for sale $800 + Shipping Offers are being entertained. Paypal +5% or Venmo. Includes: Fenrir ODE (like Rhea, Phoebe, MODE, Doc Brown, GDEmu) Fully loaded 512gb MicroSD card with adapter and cavity insert Official Saturn 4MB expansion cart Rad2X by Retro Gaming...
  12. HornheaDD

    (RE-SOLVED) Blast City will not coin up.

    Hello all, I just took possession of a Blast city cab from a local op. Ive got two boards to test with, a Neo 4 slot, and a Dreamcast MGCD. Both boot fine, but the cab does not coin up. He had it on free play when I went to test it, and I didn't think to try and coin it up. (thats on me)...
  13. HornheaDD

    Possible to repro a back panel monitor access for a Blast City?

    Just purchased one and the back panel (see image) is missing. Normally I wouldn't really have an issue with it but I have two VERY inquisitive 8 month old kittens and I know those little shits are gonna electrocute themselves, or worse - mess up my cab. Evidently, this type of panel is...
  14. HornheaDD

    Dreamcast VMU stand-alone?

    I have a Dreamcast MGCD, and this device was able to have a VMU "adapter" of some sort to keep saves and settings. I wasnt able to get a hold of the memory card device, but is it possible to identify what corresponding connector is needed here, as well as get a pinout of the VMU connector? The...
  15. HornheaDD

    Looking for Neo25 Candy CP modded w/ extra button holes

    Hello, Alberto! I was pointed here regarding your custom CP work. I have a Neo25 like the one pictured here that has some damage to the control panel (caused by me, unfortunately). I am looking to replace it, as well as modify it with 3 extra 'kick' buttons below buttons B, C and D. Is this...
  16. HornheaDD

    Neo25 candy control panel... Alberto?

    Hi, Im in a candy cab group on facebook and was pointed in this general direction regarding repro control panels. I have a Neo25 candy (model pictured) that unfortunately has some damage to the metal CP insert. I'm not sure who it is that supplies/builds them, but the person in the group...
  17. HornheaDD

    Dual/Multiple harness solution?

    I have a Neo Candy 25 arcade cabinet which has it's harness wired as an MVS. I have a BigRed adapter from JAMMANationX so I can connect other JAMMA boards if I wanted to but I am wondering - is there a simple (read: novice) solution to have more than one JAMMA harness set up? Here's my...