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  1. Arthrimus

    WTB: Seibu SPI System with Raiden Fighters 1 or 2

    The title says it all. I'm looking for a Seibu SPI system with either Raiden Fighters 1 or 2 (or both if someone happens to have them available.) My dedicated vertical Aero City is almost complete and I'm trying to acquire some of my childhood favorite vertical shooters.
  2. Arthrimus

    Extreme CPS2 Battery Damage Repair - ROUND 3!

    I recently put out a call for some CPS2 B Boards that were battery damaged, and I've received 2 so far. The first one I received is the one I've done the most work to so far. Here's what it looked like when I received it. As you can see it was in rough shape. My first course of action was...
  3. Arthrimus

    Sudden CPS2 Multi Key Writing Failure

    I've been working on my CPS2 setups over the past few days and I needed a quick way to desuicide a B board that I was swapping the roms on. I didn't know where my LCD shield and Arduino Uno that I usually use for desuiciding CPS2 B boards (I moved late last year and a lot of stuff is still in...
  4. Arthrimus

    Repair Log: NBA JAM Tournament Edition - Midway T Unit

    After the NEO GEO giveaway that I did recently, user @Dreamstate offered to send me a broken NBA JAM Tournament Edition PCB to see if I could get it running again. The PCB would boot to the CPU board test screen, but showed a bad ram test for UA11, UA12, UA13, UA14, UB11, UB12, UB13, and UB14...
  5. Arthrimus

    WTB: Battery Damaged CPS2 B Boards

    Hey guys, the past couple of months have been crazy as far as Console JAMMAizer, Vewlix->Sega I/O adapters, Sega Console I/Os etc. I need a break from production so now that those things are mostly if not completely sold out, I'm looking for some project boards to work on to challenge my trace...
  6. Arthrimus

    WTB: Taito F3 with or without game cartridge.

    I'm looking for a Taito F3 motherboard with or without a game. My primary reason for this is for testing sync circuitry with this notoriously problematic platform. As some of you may know I have been working on a Universal JAMMA Kit for LCD cabinets, and I'm considering some sync buffering...
  7. Arthrimus

    [FREE] NEO-GEO MV1C and MV1FZ motherboards - Giveaway Concluded.

    Ok, here's the giveaway. A few days ago user @ItsACerealWow posted up these two NEO-GEO motherboards for free in non working condition for anyone who wanted to attempt to get them working again. I was the one who ended up with them and I'm now happy to announce that they have both been restored...
  8. Arthrimus

    SEGA JVS Console I/O Board: Connect Brook Fighting Boards to your SEGA Cabinets!

    This project is the culmination of the concepts that I played with in this thread over in the ideas section for a SEGA equivalent to my Vewlix Console I/O. I've gone through 3 hardware revisions over the past several months, and I've finally landed on something that I'm happy with. The SEGA JVS...
  9. Arthrimus

    Lindbergh PSU mounting bracket for Vewlix

    I designed this about 6 months ago, and totally forgot to ever post it anywhere. I didn't want to deal with the stock Wei-Ya JVS PSU for my Vewlix Diamond, so I designed a set of 3D printed mounting brackets to make it easy to mount the Sega Lindbergh PSU in a Vewlix. It's pretty straightforward...
  10. Arthrimus

    SEGA Lindbergh Monitor Swap with 3D Printed Mounts

    My Lindbergh's monitor was dying rapidly so, inspired by what everybody is doing with Vewlix monitor swaps, I decided to take a crack at swapping my Lindbergh's monitor too. It seems like 32" 1080P monitors of reasonable quality about the same price as 1440p monitors, and since I primarily run a...
  11. Arthrimus

    New JAMMA Kit for Vewlix (and more!) - Universal JAMMA Interface

    I know I've been announcing a lot of projects lately, and I'm going to try to have all of these released fairly soon, but I have yet another project to announce today. A while back several members on this forum attempted to make a reproduction of the original Taito JAMMA kit, but for a number of...
  12. Arthrimus

    PICKnMIX Fix: A tiny PCB for Neo Geo that automatically enables PICKnMIX on Universe Bios 4.0

    With the recent free release of the universe bios 4.0 with the PICKnMIX I finally decided to purchase a 161 in 1 Neo Geo multi cart. PICKnMIX is a great feature, but I have discovered an issue with it that needed a fix. (This is not actually an issue with PICKnMIX it'self, but rather an...
  13. Arthrimus

    SEGA JVS Console I/O design proposal/interest check.

    This is a proposal and interest check for a new project that I am about to begin work on. Many of you have purchased and are using my Vewlix Console I/O to connect console and PC controls to your Vewlix cabinets, and I have been thinking about how to do the same for cabinets that use SEGA's JVS...
  14. Arthrimus

    R.M.A.F. Remap your buttons and configure autofire on any arcade stick!

    R.M.A.F. Re.Map.Auto.Fire. Photos courtesy of The R.M.A.F. is a simple device that sits between your arcade stick's buttons and your controller PCB. It intercepts the button presses before they are sent to the controller PCB so they can be manipulated in a number of ways. The...
  15. Arthrimus

    FS: Taito Vewlix JVS I/O (SOLD)

    Hey folks, I have a Vewlix JVS I/O that I don't need. It was an unexpected inclusion in my Vewlix Diamond from KC. I've tested it and it's working great. I'm asking $185 + shipping. SOLD
  16. Arthrimus

    Arthrimus's DB15 Controller Adapters. PSX, SATURN, SNES.

    Hey folks, I figured I should probably make a thread collecting my various controller adapters together so everyone knows what is available and how they work. All of my adapters have the same feature set in terms of button remapping and auto fire so the usage instructions will be identical for...
  17. Arthrimus

    Vewlix Console I/O - Connect Brook fighting boards directly to your Vewlix.

    This is an updated first post reflecting the current status of the project. The original post is preserved behind the spoiler tag down below. The Vewlix Console I/O V3 is a drop in I/O for the Vewlix control panel that allows you to easily connect 2 Brook fighting boards, or other compatible...
  18. Arthrimus

    Interest check for MC Cthulhu chips.

    Hey folks, as many of you know I designed an MC Cthulhu upgrade PCB that fits the form factor of the PS360 and Brook fighting boards, complete with the 20 pin header. I originally designed it for my Console JAMMAizer project, but I've also gotten a lot of interest from people who just want an MC...
  19. Arthrimus

    (Sales Thread) SEGA I/O adapter for Vewlix cabinets

    So If you haven't seen my development thread on this project already make sure to check it out. Due to the fact that Taito JVS I/Os are expensive, have poor availability, and have a bug with input reporting that may cause compatibility issues with some games, I have designed an adapter PCB for...
  20. Arthrimus

    WTB: Dead Lindbergh (any type), or just the outer chassis.

    Hey folks, I am looking to purchase a Lindbergh chassis in which I plan to install a standard ATX motherboard for Steam games. The reason I'm after a Lindbergh specifically is due to the form factor. As far as I am aware the Lindbergh is the only case that can accept full sized ATX motherboards...