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  1. kazuo

    Monitor interference/issues on MS8

    Hey everyone, Been noticing this issue pop up off and on for me over the last year or so. Not really sure what the deal is, but it's become more persistent in the last couple of weeks and I'm no longer able to look the other way. ;) This is on a MS8-25 with a Mean Well power supply (QP-150-3A)...
  2. kazuo

    WTB: MS9 compatible tube

    Prefer one of the factory tubes, minimal (can't see during gameplay except on white screens) to no burn preferred. This is replacing a tube with noticeable burn so I'm not looking for a lateral swap or something worse. Willing to ship (I can pay for a crate) but prefer pickup on the West Coast...
  3. kazuo

    WTB: Fast Striker 1.5 MVS (with the USB port)

    I do not want the non-USB port version. :) If you don't know which one you have, check your order details or the game copyright notice. Prefer full kit, but box & cart is fine as well. I don't really care about the posters. DM me if you have a copy!
  4. kazuo

    [SOLD] Namco Noir (and clones) Marquee Bracket

    Marquee/Marquee Assembly not included. It's the metal bracket/holder that the rest of the marquee assembly slides and bolts into. This bolts onto the back of the cab. It came off a clone but it should fit the real deal, I have yet to run into a single part (that wasn't wiring) that I couldn't...
  5. kazuo

    TMNT Turtles in Time Issues

    Having some issues with a Turtle in Time PCB that was working many years ago, but due to various reasons I hadn't had an opportunity to play again until recently... I'm having some issues with sound, screen colors, and random resets (?). I don't see any obvious signs of corrosion or damage...
  6. kazuo

    Sanwa JVS PSU making ticking sound, seems dead :(

    Picked up this Sanwa JVS PSU for Model 3 boards from YAJ, and seems like it's actually "junk"... it ticks when it's powered on, and doesn't seem to work properly. A visual inspection doesn't reveal anything obviously wrong: caps look fine, no burn marks, no mysterious fluids, no apparent...
  7. kazuo

    WTB: Pink Sweets ORIGINAL Instruction Strip, Marquee Art

    As the title says. I do not need the POP nor the poster. Not interested in reprints. Thanks!
  8. kazuo

    WTB: Irem Madonna

    Title says it all. West Coast (CA/OR/WA/NV/AZ) preferred, but I'll ship it from anywhere in the lower 48 if the price is right. I have nothing to offer in trade except for maybe a Pink Sweets PCB or a Fighting Vipers 2 Model 3 kit. Cash is king here. PM me!
  9. kazuo

    Positive feedback for Dloop

    Bought Pink Sweets (PCB + POP) from him: Sent me tons of photos throughout the process and asked if I had any particular preferences about how I'd like it packed. Speaking of which, AMAZING packaging, went above and...
  10. kazuo

    MV1C Issues - Random Reset, Exploded Cap (!) After Recap

    Hey everyone, Looks like I somehow ended up with the MV1C from hell. Had this thing for years, and it only recently began exhibiting problems: Random resets. To be clear, the random resets were happening before I attempted the recap. This seems to happen more frequently when using flash carts...
  11. kazuo

    Metal Slug 6 Red Blood Conversion Service

    I have a bootleg MS6 cart and I'd like red blood turned on permanently. I understand there's a way to patch the game and them replace one or more (?) chips on the board to make this work. I don't have hot air rework tools or a ROM burner, so... if there's anyone out there who can do this and has...
  12. kazuo

    WTB: Left 4 Dead 2 Arcade (Type X3)

    Considering picking one of these up. No conversions please unless you're selling it for peanuts. Must be working and complete with the I/O board(s) and goofy nunchuck controller thing. Nothing to trade except maybe a Fighting Vipers 2 PCB, but you would have to add cash on top.
  13. kazuo

    Type X (original) max memory & battery holder

    Anyone know what's the max supported memory on a TX1? And would anyone know a battery holder that works with it to use a normal CR2032 or whatever is equivalent to what the ones with soldered-in batteries use? I think it's a CR2024 or something stupid, but I'd have to check. Thanks!
  14. kazuo

    Dumping ATI X1600 PRO BIOS

    Has the BIOS for the X1600 Pro cards used on the TX2 been dumped? If not, would anyone find this useful? Came across one recently, wondering if I should bother trying to dump it, or just post it up for sale. Relatedly, does anyone know how to dump these? GPU-Z and the atiflash cli tool in DOS...
  15. kazuo

    WTB: Rotary lever joystick for emulator/PC/MAME use.

    Hey all, Looking for a solution to play rotary stick games via PC/emulator/MAME (Heavy Barrel, Ikari Warriors, etc.). Poked around a little and couldn't find any nice "off-the-shelf" solutions. Willing to pay for something custom/bespoke as well. Send me a PM!
  16. kazuo

    [NO LONGER AVAILABLE] Taito Egret 3 Blank Illumination Panel

    Item is no longer for sale.
  17. kazuo

    Taito FAST I/O JAMMA PCB K91X1204A & B - "Kick" harness diagram/pinout?

    Anyone have a wiring diagram for this? Specifically, the 14 (?) pin white connector on the bottom right. Guessing that's the aux/kick harness for buttons 5 & 6. Diagram for the whole damn thing is fine, too. ;) Appreciate any help!
  18. kazuo

    WTB: Taito FAST I/O to JAMMA & RFID reader

    Harnesses would be nice but not required. PM me, and thank you.
  19. kazuo

    [sold] Jasen's Customs CPS3 Plexi

    Jasen's Customs CPS3 Plexi - sold for $80.
  20. kazuo

    WTB Naomi security chips

    Need chips for the following games: Virtua Fighter 4 x2 Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution x1 PM me.