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  1. TodoRojo

    Astro City - Gold, Garbage, or non-existent? Let's Find out!

    Well, I did it. At least I think I did. I sent copious amounts of money to a person I have never met in a place I have never been using F&F on PayPal (apparently I like to gamble) in exchange for what could be a Sega Astro City. I wanted to start this thread not necessarily because we need...
  2. TodoRojo

    For Sale: Unpopulated Supergun Minigun 2.5 ADV PCBs (8 pin)

    Hey everyone, I just received my order from JLC PCB and I only need one of these boards! If anyone would like to purchase a board from me I have 4 extras. I'm asking $5 per board + shipping. They are HASL(Lead) boards 1.6mm, black mask. Shipping only domestic US. Thanks!
  3. TodoRojo

    Namco System 11 - volume potentiometer

    Hello everyone, Could anyone help me identify this potentiometer or at least a data sheet? It is rusting so I’m looking to replace it. Pictures below. I’ll also include some before and afters of cleaning it. Because why not?
  4. TodoRojo

    FOUND: Tekken, or something :D

    Hey everyone, Since I'm new here, I figured I should at least get my hands on a working JAMMA PCB so I can have a test-game as I start to look at cabs. I'm just looking for something cheap, a "madden" equivalent in the cab world ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Does anyone have a working version of Tekken or...
  5. TodoRojo

    Hello from Utah

    Hello everyone. I’m Conner. Born and raised in Utah and just starting to get my feet wet in the arcade world. I’m a fan of restoration projects of all sorts. I own a ‘97 M3 that is my main money-sink, but I also collect retro gaming consoles and restore them and/or modify them for RGB and HDMI...