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    FS (SYD AUS) - Sega New Net City + Naomi 2 with NetDimm

    I’ve got a Sega New Net City with Naomi 2+ Netdimm setup in it that I will consider letting go. The New Net City was purchased from Zax late last year and is in a presentable and fully working condition with a nice bright monitor setup! (Ie, it hasn’t had a restore done to it) The biggest...
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    Positive Feedback for MostroVeneno

    I bought a Sunset Riders and Asterix PCB from MostroVeneno and it all arrived well packaged and in good condition. Thanks again!
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    WTB - The listed Konami, Sega, Midway PCBs

    I’m after a couple of PCBs if anyone has them for sale? 1. Konami Sunset Riders 2. Konami Cowboys of Moo Mesa 3. Sega Fighting Vipers (model 2) 4. Midway 2 on 2 open ice challenge Thanks
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    WTB - Model 2 - Sonic the Fighters and Fighting Vipers

    Just seeing if anyone had complete/working Sonic the fighters or fighting vipers board stacks they would sell? Thanks
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    WTB 9 x PCBs (NBA Jam TE, VF2, Tekken Tag, Cowboys...etc)

    Just seeing if anyone has any of the following PCBs for sale locally before going off and widening the search to overseas… 1. Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Soul Calibur 3. Virtua Fighter 2 (Complete stack including metal cage preferred) 4. Cowboys of Moo Mesa 5. NBA Jam Tournament Edition 6. 2 on 2...
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    What thermal compound for Naomi 2 heatsinks?

    I've recently bought 2 x Naomi 2 setups and 1 of them has arrived with a questionable heatsink/fan setup. All 3 heatsinks have been hot glued in the corners and minimal thermal paste used... and 2 of the heatsinks had popped off during transit to me ?( There doesn't appear to be any damage to...