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    Anyone here seen Time Crisis 3 working with CCD gun?

    I've seen multiple posts here saying that Time Crisis 3 also works with a CCD camera gun set-up (in addition to regular light guns). Has anyone actually seen this working? I can't find any reference to it in the TC3 manual and I've never seen any CCD Time Crisis guns for sale anywhere (new or...
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    "Universal" arcade CRT chassis replacements off ebay for Kortek KT 2938F

    Has anyone here tried one of those cheap Chinese arcade chassis replacements off ebay like this one? I'm wondering how universal they are and how...
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    Found cheaper drop-in replacements for Ghost Squad and Time Crisis recoil solenoids

    As everyone who uses arcade recoil guns knows, when it comes to replacing broken solenoids, Sega and Namco like to bend you over and fist you with a boxing glove. So, in the interest of keeping our botty holes the correct size, I wanted to share info on some drop-in replacements. First, Time...
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    Troubleshooting Sega type 2 gun board

    I've got a Sega BD gun sense board with no X Y analog output. It seems to have no trouble lighting all the led modules and I get voltage on the gun sensor input but nothing on the 9 pin output. I tried two different gun sensors but still no output. First, does anyone know how many amps are...
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    Help with Sega arcade IR gun wiring

    I just bought a bunch of parts to use a Sega arcade gun and I'm struggling to see how the monitor sensors and gun connect to the I/o board. The gun ports on the I/O look like this: And this is the port for the monitor sensors: But... The harness end on my House of the Dead 4 arcade gun...
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    Using Raw Thrills monitor gun sense boards with Sega gun I/O?

    Does anyone here know if it's possible to use Raw Thrills IR monitor sensor boards with a Sega IR gun I/O board? Or is there something special about the Sega brand gun sense IR boards that makes them unique (in terms of compatibility with their gun I/O)? I am looking to buy a set of monitor...
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    Viability of transplanting guncon 3 into Time Crisis 4 Arcade recoil gun?

    I had good success with my project to put an (official Namco) Guncon 2 board and sensor into real arcade gun shells with recoil mechanisms. Now I would like to do the same with my Guncon 3 to build a Time Crisis 4 and Razing Storm cab using a PS3. The TC4 arcade gun shells and solenoids seem to...
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    Best way to handle 6 button games with Supergun?

    Just wondering how you guys handle 6 button game wiring with a Supergun? I.e. Are you rewiring buttons 4, 5 and 6 every time you switch PCBs to one that uses a different kick harness? Or is there a way to wire a 6 button controller to work with all PCBs when played on a Supergun?
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    WTB USB2GUN board from global VR

    Drop me a PM if you have one to sell.
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    How to remove C board from Street Fighter 2 CE

    I am trying to remove the C board from my Street Fighter 2 CE PCB to replace the rom chips but it feels kinda stuck. On this video, the guy seems to remove his C board with little effort: Mine doesn't budge even when I apply a good bit of pressure. Is there something I need to do to release...
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    LA Machine Guns / Gunblade gun wiring question

    I am currently working on my second fixed arcade gun conversion for use with mame. I picked up an old LA Machine Guns / Gunblade gun but I am a little confused with the wiring and stripped screws are making it difficult to get inside to look... There are two 3 wire cables which I assume are for...
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    WTB USB2GUN board from America's Army

    Drop me a note if you have one to sell.
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    Light gun repair question

    I wanted to ask if anyone here knows enough about light gun repair / maintenance to offer some advice on how I might fix accuracy issues on a couple of my guns? I bought a number of 3rd party recoil guns but every single one I tried has issues with teleporting crosshairs and, as a result, poor...
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    Operation Thunderbolt recoil questions

    I am trying to restore an old operation Thunderbolt gun to use with mame for directional gun games. I am connecting the pots and buttons to an Apac but I am not sure how to connect the recoil solenoid. First, does anyone here know what size PSU the solenoid on this gun uses? Second, does...
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    Naomi / supergun controls

    I recently dug out my old supergun from storage and I have an interest in trying a Naomi set-up. Can I use my regular supergun arcade joysticks with a Naomi board? If not, can they (joysticks) be wired to the Naomi directly? I read somewhere that Dreamcast controllers work with a Naomi. Is...
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    Is there a benefit with flash carts over a regular multi-game cart?

    Please can someone explain the benefits of flash carts like the Darksoft MVS multi or the CPS-2 multi over a regular multi-game cart? I'm not criticizing the approach. I think it is fantastic that Darksoft (and others) are creating ways for us to experience rare games on original hardware. I...
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    WTB Capcom CPS-1 14 in 1 multi-game PCB and / or CPS-2 18 in 1

    As the title says, I am looking for one of the Capcom CPS 1 and 2 multi game PCBs. I will pay through PayPal so we are both protected.