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  1. Kundi

    Irem M92 Multi Game Support

    Interested in one, option 2 would be my preference
  2. Kundi

    Killer Instinct Dual Board

    Hi guys! I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your great work. I finally got around to upgrading my spare KI1 board to KI2 today. Once again many thanks to all involved <3
  3. Kundi

    Positive feedback for Lady Bug

    Bought In the Hunt and a MVS 4-Slot from @Lady Bug. Very friendly communication, boards in condition as described, excellent packing job. Highly recommended :)
  4. Kundi

    Need help to identify a component

    Wow, I think you've pointed me in the right direction :) I measured the component next to it: 250 nF As it looks, there are currently none available with the value... But I think I will try the 330s: Thank you very much!!
  5. Kundi

    Need help to identify a component

    Hi guys! I got a defective Sega 838-13683-93 IO board some time ago, to which the Jamma connector was probably plugged in the wrong way round. Some components are apparently burnt out: They are labelled EMF1 and EMF4. Does anyone know what these components are and where I can get a suitable...
  6. Kundi

    Positive feedback for AlxUnderBase

    I bought a Virtua Stick Pro from @AlxUnderBase. Extremely happy with the purchase, he's a very nice guy and the shipping was super fast. Thanks again!
  7. Kundi

    Home Arcade System

    When you get absolutely no sync with the OSSC, could you please try these settings? Sync OPT. -> H-PLL Post-Coast - 2 lines Sync OPT. -> Hsync Tolerance - 8.30us
  8. Kundi

    N64 Dark Picture

    Are you using a PAL SNES RGB cable? If so, remove the 75 Ohm resistors in the plug.
  9. Kundi

    Choosing the right AES PSU

    @friedpotatoz you need a 5V PSU
  10. Kundi

    ST-V Motherboard Issues

    Bridging both legs with a screwdriver is more than enough, no need to desolder.
  11. Kundi

    Sunset Riders glitchy sprites

    Thank you first of all :) From that pixelated glitch my guess is maybe a defective SRAM. My hope is that someone knows, which ones are responsible for the affected sprite layer.
  12. Kundi

    Sunset Riders glitchy sprites

    I've completed the first level so far and the error is consistent so far. The roms I've checked (and also re-burned just to be 100% sure): 2F 8E 8G 10E 10G 16K 3L, 7L and 12K are still the original mask roms and un-socketed... They check okay though. Do you think, I should desolder and dump...
  13. Kundi

    Sunset Riders glitchy sprites

    Yep. Also tried to slightly bend the board as this sometimes can help finding bad solder joints... Makes absolutely no difference :/
  14. Kundi

    Sunset Riders glitchy sprites

    Hi! I have a Sunset Riders PCB with a really strange problem: Some of the spirtes (I think it's one layer) are glitching and disappear. What's really funny: When I turn the 5V rail down, they come back for a short moment. Here's some gameplay with the voltage dialed to 5V spot on A little...
  15. Kundi

    Free Custom Acrylic Case Plans for PCBs

    @aimbuster the storage device is actually a horizontally mounted DOM from an old appliance.. I think it was used in a Thin Client or something like that before. Because of the suitable screw-hardware I was also searching for a long time, but finally I ordered from different Ebay sellers. I did...
  16. Kundi

    Free Custom Acrylic Case Plans for PCBs

    Thank you very much for the designs @Telpherion!! Had the acrylics made by PlexiLaser in Germany for my KI PCB and they came out absolutely gorgeous :)
  17. Kundi

    [SOLD] RECO PCB - JAMMA button remapping & rapid-fire device

    Another RECO batch? Count me in for 2, please
  18. Kundi

    PGM single game PCB assembly and troubleshooting

    Ah, okay. At least it's good to know that it's not something I did wrong or a problem with my motherboard. ^^
  19. Kundi

    PGM single game PCB assembly and troubleshooting

    Hey guys! I'm having a little problem with DDP3: When booting with the "Version A - old" option, the game hangs with an error right after the legal screen. When I immediately throw in some coins and mash the start button, I can play the game though. "Version B - new" strangely works absolutely...
  20. Kundi

    Ahoi from Hamburg

    Welcome and moin!