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    Home Arcade System

    @mthngn I know how to use the built-in autofire mode. My question has to do with how to implement vsync autofire in an external device. There are auxiliary connectors on the HAS which give you various things, like vsync. I think they are meant to enable just the kind of thing I want to do, but I...
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    Home Arcade System

    Another newb question: I was thinking about how to implement vsynced autofire on a controller adapter. The HAS has Vsync that I can tap into, but what kind of signal can I expect on that pin - analog or digital? By that I mean, does it just switch between 0V and 5V (or whatever) on vsync, or is...
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    Home Arcade System

    The microcontroller being replacable, could I remove it and put a few jumpers in place? Preferably a small PCB with legs in the right places which connects the input and output pins of buttons. This is assuming the microcontroller just handles the button mapping and autofire. Can this be done...
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    Home Arcade System

    That was it. I remember now, thanks for clearing that up. :)
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    Home Arcade System

    Are you sure about the Capcom IO? I thought the Capcom IO converts everything between Jamma and the Naomi, even power. But it has been a while, I could be wrong. I never used one with GD-Rom, does that make a difference?
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    Home Arcade System

    So, now I just need to watch this page: Is it still the correct place? Edit: I'll take that as a yes! Thanks, RGB!
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    Home Arcade System

    Will there be more HAS on sale in the long term? Maybe next year? I think I'll want a second unit eventually. :) My question seems to be answered. Nice!
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    PGM multicart interest check

    Yes, would love to get one as well.
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    Capcom Forgotten Worlds - Repro Japanise Spinner Top Metal Part - Or Complete Spinner Repro

    Wow, this looks like something I need. :-) If there is a waiting list please put me on it for two.
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    CPS3 Repro Carts!!

    Me too. Waiting for the next batch. Better than sacrificing a good cart. :-)
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    Home Arcade System

    Is it okay to have a small gap between the HD15 adapter PCB and the AUX connector? In other words, the pins don't go all the way inside the header. Maybe I used the standoffs wrong? edit: Don't worry about the manual, the most important thing - at least to me :) - are the pinouts, which are...
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    Home Arcade System

    My HAS from the latest batch already arrived. Not tested yet, but it looks great. Thanks again, RGB! btw, what type is the power connector on the HAS? Is it a JST VH?
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    64 & 128Mb CPS3 Repro SIMMS!!

    Whenever the next batch arrives, I would love to get two 128MB SIMMs. :)
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    [FS] One Man's Trash: Psychic Force EX, NOS Ex-board, Sys32 mobo+rom, Capcom i/o, Ah Eikou no Koshien rom, etc

    Okay, I'll wait and see. :) It's not a very big board, right? Maybe it would still be worth it, I wouldn't mind a slow shipping option if there is one. Thanks!
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    [WTB] Dead CPS2 B-Board for Darksoft's CPS2 Multigame kit

    I'm looking for a dead CPS2 B-Board for Darksoft's CPS2 Multigame kit, preferably with a compatible PAL chip. A damaged or missing shell is not a problem. Shipping to Austria. What would be a fair price? Thanks!
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    CPS2 Fan Replacement

    What is the connector type on the original fan? I think it is a JST NH series H 2P-SHF-AA, but maybe somebody knows for sure. See
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    Interrupt currents between PSU and PCB/Jamma?

    I see. Well I wasn't thinking about switching between multiple boards, but rather things like having the option to control on/off/reset via a microcontroller + relay. I only (dis)connect game boards with all power off. Anyway, thank you!
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    Interrupt currents between PSU and PCB/Jamma?

    Are there any downsides to interrupting currents between the PSU and a PCB, say using a set of relays, or plain old switches? I mean the 5V and 12V lines. Does it make any difference to the game? I'm an electronics noob so... :)