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  1. Hackcell

    MS8-29 - MS9-29 Swap

    Hello, Is it possible to use a MS829 chassis with a tube that it has been used with a MS9-29 chassis? The tube is a A68KJU96X (5G). Thanks!
  2. Hackcell

    Astro City - Monitor grounding

    By checking the Astro City original diagram, there is no grounding wire connected to the monitor/chassis, not even to the metallic frame. Is this accurate or am I reading the schematics incorrectly? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hackcell

    19xx US version pcb jumpers

    hello, Does anybody around here owns a copy of this game? I'd like to check the memory jumpers on the pcb. Thanks!
  4. Hackcell

    WTB Sega cam lock tongues/latches.

    ISO 2 NCA-1017 tongues. Thanks!
  5. Hackcell

    X3 drivers?

    Hello, I have a spare X3 CPU that I'm thinking on using it with a capture card to stream or record gameplays. I was thinking about doing a fresh install, however, what about the device drivers? Does Windows recognize the audio/network hardware or do I need to look online for it? Thanks!
  6. Hackcell

    Anybody with a Revenge of Death Adder (japanese) around here?

    Hello, I'd like to know if there is anybody around here with the japanese version of this game? I do have the US version, I replaced the 4 eproms that (according to mame) are the difference between both versions and I end up getting a blue screen. AFAIK, the security eprom is exactly the same...
  7. Hackcell

    Vewlix monitor upgrade

    I was wondering what would be a good option to upgrade a Vewlix cabinet by changing the standard display. Checking online, this monitor looks like an extreme upgrade...
  8. Hackcell

    WTB Sega/Miwa lock 5253 Key(s)

    Hello, I'm searching for 2 5253 locks and a couple of keys... or at least, one of each. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hackcell

    MS9-29 image shacking.

    Hello, Recently, got a MS9-29A fully recapped. Today, I noriced the image starts to shake and "collapsing" at some moments. Does anybody else has experienced this issue? What would you suggest me to start checking, bsides cold solder joint. Thanks!
  10. Hackcell

    WTB 93646B-7 pcb.

    Looking for one to repair a 19xx game. Thanks!
  11. Hackcell

    K92X0343A wiring help.

    Hello, I've been looking for the wiring diagram of the Taito Optical VR amp (J9200194A). AFAIK, Puzzle and Dragons dedicated machines came with this amp, however, I couldn't find any manual.
  12. Hackcell

    WTB - Sega Swing arcade manual + Swing marquee.

    Hi, If you have any of both, pls msg me. Thanks!
  13. Hackcell

    Italian SL/7500 chasis help.

    Hello! I got a couple of SL/7500 chasis (italian sort of Hantarex Polo 2). They work great, colors are vivid, nevertheless, both are working at 240VAC. According to the service manual, by changing a few components, it is possible to have them working at 110/120VAC. One of those components seem...
  14. Hackcell

    Viper Phase 1 - weird behavior.

    Hello, Got this seibu spi with viper phase 1. Whenever I power it, I get this screen, I checked the eproms and the CRCs are OK. From what I've read, the region based-problems are different, so I'm confused what may be the issue. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  15. Hackcell

    [FOUND] WTB/ISO Midway I40 pcb

    5772-15636-00, controller board for 49-way joysticks. If you have one, and you are willing to sell it, please drop me a line. Thanks!!
  16. Hackcell

    ISO/WTB Astro City coin entry parts.

    I'm looking for the following 2 pieces for an astro city machine. If you have spare parts and you are willing to sell, please drop me a line. Thanks.
  17. Hackcell

    New Project - Astro City restoration

    Yesterday, got an astro city machine that was destined to be dumped into the trash. Yeah, it will require plenty of work (specially the crack at the side) and orders online, but I'm quite confident I'll be able to resurrect it. I'm thinking on use fiberglass or something similar to fix that...
  18. Hackcell

    NBA JAM TE gfx issue

    Hello, Game is working fine. However, after a couple of minutes the screen starts to look weird (attached pictures as reference). I reset the game and it goes. Monitor plays like a charm with other games. 10 miuntes of burn-in test reports no issues. Any idea of what shall I check? Thanks.
  19. Hackcell

    Killer Instinct 2 not booting.

    Hello, When I fire up my KI2, it produces 7 bongs (u34 error). Not sure if that graphic glitch shown on the picture is common for this error. Also, not sure if no lights at the PCB LEDs is expected under such scenario. Besides checking the EPROM per sé, what else should I check? Thanks!
  20. Hackcell

    LF Daytona USA DX wiring diagram.

    Hello, Does anybody around here have a high quality scan of the daytona USA DX wiring diagram and it's willing to share it? The only thing I've found is the segakore backup gif images and these are not clear enough. Thanks.