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  1. mv1f

    Neo-19 Cabinet RE-Production

    I’m down to donate to help the prototype get made. I really enjoyed watching the mini cute saga from the sidelines. Really incredible results!
  2. mv1f

    Let's (Respectfully) talk about the Rules™

    I don't think this will really do anything but generate BS intro posts. Same as requiring post count. FWIW I never posted an intro post because I'm pretty private and I don't see any use for it because I'm not going to share anything interesting. If I was required to post one I would just post...
  3. mv1f

    ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Version 3 manual pdf

    You can get the manual here:
  4. mv1f

    Netboot Naomi With EEPROM Presets!

    Sorry I should have tested more. Adding --force appears to suppress the prompt. So that should make the full command patch -R --dry-run --force -p0 -i newlib.patch || patch -N -p0 -i newlib.patch And yeah, that return of 1 even when it ignores the patch is what I was trying to avoid. As I was...
  5. mv1f

    Netboot Naomi With EEPROM Presets!

    This is all super awesome! Thanks so much for all your hard work @DragonMinded . This code is all very high-quality. I did have to make a couple of changes to the homebrew env setup Makefile to get it to work on MacOS and made a couple of small quality of life changes (adding a prefix var I can...
  6. mv1f

    SEGA Alls not booting

    @AMS what cab do you have? There were some number of PRas versions before the PRas v3. Maybe you're talking about one of those? Or maybe a kit for a particular game? The v3 manual doesn't mention any LEDs like that and I don't see any in the cabs I have.
  7. mv1f

    SEGA Alls not booting

    The LED strips in the PRas3 aren't plain RGB LEDs where you can connect a pin to turn a color on. They're neopixel/WS2812 LEDs that are controlled by serial connection to the ALLS. This makes it even better since you can do way more with them. You can get more details in the owners thread here...
  8. mv1f

    SEGA Alls not booting

    Stupid question but, is the switch on the ALLs power supply switched on? The one by the plug on the case.
  9. mv1f

    K C Game sale

    I've done it. Can confirm!
  10. mv1f

    Help me identify this naomi IO board

    If you hook it up to a JVS system and go to the test menu it should identify itself. Though I think @Derick2k is right and it will probably lie.
  11. mv1f

    K C Game sale

    What makes you say there's no room? It's not just what exists today but what they might want to create in the future. I think the home button is a hint at the thought process. They could release a game that has more than eight buttons, or a twin-stick game, etc. In which case they just use the...
  12. mv1f

    K C Game sale

    Your skepticism is warranted, but it's true. It's even wired for analog on both players. Even IO outputs. You can see that in the CP bucket not all the wires are populated but in the back it's fully populated. Just add harness. It's logical if you're Sega anticipating how you might want to use...
  13. mv1f

    K C Game sale

    Technically, it is wired up for 2P, unless we're thinking about different things. Though, 2P looks like it's only wired up for six buttons and not eight. In the shipped config the home button is wired to 2P's button 6. The panel should come off so you could make 2P panel if you really wanted it...
  14. mv1f

    Street Fighter Alpha 2 Emulator 1111 Message

    I have no special insight but this looks interesting. That definitely looks like 68k CPU state. I’m guessing “emulator” is referring to something like an in-circuit emulator. Maybe this is part of a debug/dev setup? Hopefully someone who knows...
  15. mv1f

    Help with net city link board.

    Also manuals and wiring diagrams are here:
  16. mv1f

    Multi JVS v1.0

    Totally. I was just referring to the issue with Capcom IO which I had previously said was "overblown". If IO is generally only polled at framerate then having a full frame of delay baked in is definitely worse than I thought.
  17. mv1f

    Multi JVS v1.0

    Well I stand corrected. I guess it's worse than I thought.
  18. mv1f

    Multi JVS v1.0

    Not trying to single you out, but I keep seeing this and based on my understanding people may be getting the wrong idea. The lag described is a full JVS frame and not a display frame. I don't know how fast JVS is polled on other systems but Jammafier polls at around 300 Hz. Personally I think...
  19. mv1f

    Pondering some 4-player co-op adaptations of classic games

    This is really cool! Super awesome of you to make something like this for your kids to enjoy with their friends. I might have missed it but, you mentioned MAME. Did you code this to the original hardware and then run it emulated in MAME, or is it a plain windows/linux executable, or something...
  20. mv1f

    Monitor washing

    I was in this situation six months ago with a really disgusting monitor. Short answer is: There's a bit more to it but yes, you can, but be careful. I also want to reiterate that my experience was with a more...