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  1. Escarioth

    Axun Workshop - Arcade PSU (Power Supply Unit)

    Hope everything will go fine as well !
  2. Escarioth

    [FS] THE ARCADE PCB CASE : "Universal Protection Case"

    Thanks ! My turn to buy cases now haha.
  3. Escarioth

    [FS] THE ARCADE PCB CASE : "Universal Protection Case"

    Looks great :D reminds me of the ones i was doing If i can get the money on time i might add my name on your list :)
  4. Escarioth

    Escarioth's Aluminum Cases

    Been a year since i left my other quality supervisor / laser program, etc. I wanted to do some catch up with my old team. Even got to meet with the big boss who was very happy to hear some news about me :) So back to business. I was given the ok to go on with any case project. But sadly most...
  5. Escarioth

    Escarioth's Aluminum Cases

    Thanks for the words of love for my old products. I still hope to be able to come back with some ideas but since i left my previous work, lots of stuff happened there. Might not be easy to make a new bunch of case like before. I fear a price boost and a very low quantity.... So im not sure if...
  6. Escarioth

    WTB - Hokuto no ken / fist of the north star

    Like title, id like to get fist of the north star for Atomiswave system I don't mind a bootleg one if price is good ;) thx !
  7. Escarioth

    WTB CPS3

    Only need pcb. Need no games or board is dead :( So i need a working replacement. If you dont want to sell the board separetely you can still contact and we ll see what i can do :) Thanks !!
  8. Escarioth

    Hi everyone !

    welcome :)
  9. Escarioth

    [FS] - Turbografx + CD Games.

    Decided that debts and dental care of my little girl were more urgents I have around 95% of all the turbografx + CD games (think only 5 are not originals.. but if they're not ill point it all :P ) so here are some i decided to sell for now , since im gonna keep my favorite ones. (or maybe just...
  10. Escarioth

    Galaxian cab question

    Got a new galaxian cab recently. It plays well but it be nice if i could add some other boards to the list of games to be played. Ive been looking around for some time now and having some easy converter board is more tricky then i thought. Arcadeshop - has one for sale ... But that place is...
  11. Escarioth

    Wtb hokuto no ken + dolphin blue

    Thanks ! Ill wait a bit before going japan import just in case someone has better price
  12. Escarioth

    Wtb hokuto no ken + dolphin blue

    Yeah id like dolphin blue. I think i can afford a bootleg but not a full original cart for the prices flying around. You can check with me either way. As for hokuto no ken (fist of the north star) id like boot or original. Depend on price :) Thanks!!
  13. Escarioth

    Aliexpress Coupon Codes

    Thx :) it was helpful hehe
  14. Escarioth

    For sale : some pcbs

    *bump* Lower prices
  15. Escarioth

    WTB or trade for these hard to get PCBs

    Looks like i know where a daulphin blue is now :D
  16. Escarioth

    For sale : some pcbs

    For sale from canada. Double dragon - MMAO - only bottom part. Untested Silk worm - 50$usd (bootleg) Hook - 50$usd (bootleg) SOLD Time pilot 90usd (bootleg) - 75$usd (original universal) Lady Bug - 90$usd (bootleg no universal logo) if you take both and ladybug i can include jamma...
  17. Escarioth

    Escarioth's Aluminum Cases

    Thanks guys , very appreciated to hear feedback. Ill see what i can do. We might be able to salvage some design from backups. I didnt have time to have a chitchat with boss over there so its taking a bit longer then i thought. But ill give you an update in july
  18. Escarioth

    Escarioth's Aluminum Cases

    Ok good news and bad news. good news : -i'm back :P i was busy like hell..... -i've started some new projects. Bad news : -it might takes more time now that i work elsewhere but i've been granted permission from old boss to submit ideas for personal use. (but might cost more x_x) -I cannot...
  19. Escarioth

    WTB : double dragon , top board

    Only have half of it. Anyone has the top part with jamma ?
  20. Escarioth

    Astérix marquee/bezel ?

    Haha thank you ! its been a while since i did that custom but the words of praise are welcome ! Thank you ^_^