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  1. Epyc

    FS: Sega Ringedge 2 Power Cable

    I had to make a power cable for my Sega Ringedge 2 and made a couple extras for anyone that needs one. All cables are tested and works as expected. Wires are crimped with the proper crimper and terminals. They fit and snap-in perfectly. The power cord is 6.5ft long. Price is $15 shipped to US.
  2. Epyc

    Naomi 1/2 HDMI mod?

    I just finished adding the CPS2 AV board to my consolized CPS2 and I love it! Completely addicted and want to HDMI all the things. I also have the DCHDMI mod for my Dreamcast that’s in the queue for modding! With that said, is there such a thing as an AV(HDMI+digital audio) mod for the Naomi...
  3. Epyc

    Type X3 - USF4 stuck in low res

    I just picked up an X3 with Ultra Street Fighter 4. Couple things I noticed about the pickup. 1. I don't have any security dongles on the X3, but the game plays fine. Is my X3 running some sort of hacked drive? 2. I cannot get it to display in any high resolutions, tried playing with the Dip...