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  1. Kagaden

    [Sold] FS: 3x Sega Astro City 2L12B repro panels $70 - $80

    Hello! I'm selling 3 Sega Astro City repro panels w/ Gameongrafix. These are great panels if you want a matte feel instead of polished - no fingerprints and easy to clean. Carriage screws (M4) are built into the underside of the panel and cannot be removed - fits Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT - haven't...
  2. Kagaden

    How to calibrate a Nanao MS9

    Hello, Curious if anyone had a good documented resource around on calibrating a Nanao MS9. Ie, where the controls are on the chassis and order of operation/what I should be looking for. I'm familiar with the remote, but it's somewhat limited and I'd like to adjust the gamma a bit. Thank you! -K
  3. Kagaden

    Casing the multi & extending the lcd

    Hello, I was curious if anyone knew the part number for the lcd connector so I can purchase a longer one. As well as any quick walkthrough on recasing the multi. Thanks :thumbsup: K