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  1. yardley

    LCD Cable From Amazon Not Working

    Hey guys, I purchased the cable below for use with my Darksoft CPS2 and it doesn’t work, I get no display on the LCD. As soon as I put back the original cable I got with the kit it’s fine. This pack comes with two cables and I tried both but neither worked. Trying to understand why it doesn’t...
  2. yardley

    WTB: Capcom Mini Cute Wire Looms

    Looking the button wiring looms for under the CP and possibly other wiring for the cab.
  3. yardley

    WTB Nanao 2931 Whole or Just Compatible Tube

    I’m in NJ and willing to drive far or possibly do freight. I’m willing to pay above “market value” as motivation to sell. Just tired of all the problems I’ve encountered trying get my Blast operational and just want to be done with it.
  4. yardley

    Using Nanao 2930 Chassis With 2931 Tube

    Hi all, is the 2930 chassis compatible with the 2931 Toshiba A68LBT696X tube?
  5. yardley

    Will Nanao 2930 Tube Work With 2931 Chassis?

    The tube in my Blast City just died (Toshiba A68LBT696X) and I am trying to figure out if the tube from a 2930 (Toshiba A68KZN696X) would work with the 2931 chassis. Any idea? Thanks!
  6. yardley

    Help identifying connectors

    Hi all, I am looking for help identifying these connector types. They are both used for speakers, one in a Sega Blast City and the other in a Super Neo 29.
  7. yardley

    Anyone selling assembled?

    Any selling any assembled kits ready to play?
  8. yardley

    Blast City Tekken Control Panels

    Anyone interested in Tekken CP's for a Blast City? The two Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion ones are NOS. The others are used.
  9. yardley

    Blast City PSU Says 220v

    Hi guy, I'm looking into purchasing this cab but the PSU says 220v (I'm in the US). I've read that these have a step down transformer built inside? Possibly pictured to the right of PSU? I see however that there is a cable that comes off of it that is unplugged. Looking for some insight.
  10. yardley

    MS9 vs Toshiba for low res

    Hi guys, I’m looking into getting a Sega NAC or NNC with Toshiba monitor. I’ve heard some people say that low res is better on the NAC because of the MS9 and some say that the NNC with the Toshiba is better or just as good. Looking for some opinions. Thanks.
  11. yardley

    WTB: Candy cab in NJ or surrounding areas

    Looking for a Candy cab in NJ or surrounding areas. Willing to drive.