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  1. Kavas

    Nanao MS2933 parts

    Have a couple burned up items on my Nanao MS-2933 board. According to AO wiki the 2931 board is also very closely related. I am hoping someone can help me locate these parts. D930 looks like it's seen better days. Hoping to replace it while I have the chassis out...
  2. Kavas

    U2000 woes

    Have a Wells Gardner u2000 chassis n monitor giving me problems. First it was the vertical collapse. I recapped if, did both the vertical section and power section upgrades per the original vendors recommendations. Replaced the vertical ic, few other things. Nothing. For lack of time further I...
  3. Kavas

    Momentary action switch

    Have a couple dead/broken switches in my Sega Aero City that need replacing. Would also like a few more on hand for my Versus City. Anyone know where I can get some that fit? They don't have to be exact match but would prefer them new if at all available. I heard Yaton has some but those are...
  4. Kavas

    WTB: Sega 5575 Locks

    Hello, Want to buy 5x Sega 5575 locks. I need these to finish my Sega New Versus City project. Don't need the keys. Help a Ninja out! Thanks!
  5. Kavas

    Sega New Versus City Restoration

    Restoration is a strong word for this as it's mostly complete and working. If you followed any of my other restoration threads you know I like to have my shit not just play nice but also look nice. Pristine. Glorious. I've been musing over what needs to be done to bring it up to snuff with the...
  6. Kavas

    Positive feedback for Alberto1225

    This should go without saying but @alberto1225 makes amazing panels. He recently sent me a new version of a Aero panel to try out. Sadly the USPS lost it. He made sure to send me another panel, both at cost to him, to make it right. I can say that the new panel is fabulous. Will be ordering...
  7. Kavas

    Found UMK3, MK1

    Looking for UMK3 and mk1.
  8. Kavas

    [FOUND] WTB MK3 control panel

    Picked up some project cabs in December. One is to be a MK restoration, the other a Killer Instinct. The MK cab to be was a golden tee. I am in need of the wood panel with holes and t-nuts and the metal piece with the studs. I don't need the lexan or artwork at this time. The KI cab can come...
  9. Kavas

    Positive Feedback for Sheep_Nova

    I have bought many things from @sheep_nova, especially PGM related items. I have yet to leave him feedback. He is already a known entity and valuable seller on these forums. What always amazes me is how fast he ships despite being in China. Within a couple weeks, most of the times in one week, I...
  10. Kavas

    Positive Feedback for AMS

    Recently bought a complete Naomi Netdimm from AMS. He really had a good deal for someone who knew nothing about Naomi setups. Completely setup for plug and play. Worked like a charm. Included everything I would need and then some. Answered questions and tested everything as one would expect...
  11. Kavas

    Positive Feedback for Arcsys101

    Recently bought a Capcom IO from @ArcSys101. Reached out to me on a WTB thread. Included everything I would need and answered questions fast. Fast shipping considering where hes at too. If there's something you need he might have it. Thanks friend!
  12. Kavas

    Positive Feedback for ekorz

    Bought a Sun PSU for my Naomi from @ekorz. He hit me up on a WTB thread. Simple and quick, but he was kind enough to provide answers to questions, pictures, and something extra he didn't have to go the extra mile for. He is a staple on these forums and just wanted to leave some good feedback for...
  13. Kavas

    WTB: Naomi Sun & Capcom IO PSU [FOUND]

    Have the Netdimm and Naomi1 but no power supply or I/O. Looking to get this up and running this month. Help a Ninja out.
  14. Kavas

    Positive feedback for CB_of_Luton

    Recently did a transaction with @CB_of_Luton . Good communication, excellent packing, followed up with questions and asked if I received everything ok. Stand up guy I would recommend :thumbup:
  15. Kavas

    Positive feedback for eczangief

    Received a CPS1 long board, short board, and B+C board for SF2:WW in excellent condition as shown in pictures. It was amazingly packaged. @eczangief responded to all my questions and followed through with me after the first interested party fell through. Thanks amigo!
  16. Kavas

    Kavas' Sega Aero City Restoration

    I just received my Sega Aero City. I understand there is another thread discussing one of these cabinets from the same batch over here but mine may be different and I may go a different route. I will try not to ask the same questions and refer to anything posted there before coming here. This is...
  17. Kavas

    Positive feedback for theoddtech

    After a recent mishap on trying to purchase a taito f3 board, @theoddtech chimed into the thread that he had an extra and would be willing to help me out and sell it. Whereas I was in a back and forth for over a month with the previous deal, theoddtech had it inspected and shipped to me in a...
  18. Kavas

    I got my first Woody

    So I was casually perusing the interwebs looking into CPS2 stuff, hoping to stumble upon something that could help me kick start my journey towards a Darksoft multi kit. One thing led to another and I found this in my home last night... 8| It all happened so fast. I had to rent a truck and...