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  1. westtrade

    SOLD-Egret 2 Cabinet FS

    Clean Looking Cab:thumbup: GLWS.
  2. westtrade

    Egret 2 cabinet

    PM Sent
  3. westtrade


    Does anyone know how to edit the rolling text that is displayed in this area:
  4. westtrade

    Sega ALLS System

    Core i5-6500 3.2 GHz Quad-Core is the CPU.
  5. westtrade

    Hello from Tokyo

    Welcome to a-p!
  6. westtrade

    PCB's for sale in Georgia

    PM Sent.
  7. westtrade

    Official: CPS1 (CPS1.5) Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    Please add me to the list for 1. Thank you.
  8. westtrade

    FS: Some Cave pcbs

    Sorry for your loss Derick.
  9. westtrade

    Found - SNK MVS U4 25

    SNK MVS U4 25 has been found. Thanks
  10. westtrade

    FS: A few candy cabs up for sale

    Hi @Derick2k , Are these cabs still for sale? Or were the offers up to this point, not to your expectations?
  11. westtrade

    [FOUND] Astro City or Blast City Candy Cabinet

    I was able to buy an Astro and a Atomiswave from Ken @ the game room. He did a good job on taking pics of the cabs and made sure the cabs got to me without issue.
  12. westtrade

    Toshiba A68KJU96X Issue (Sega Astro City Monitor)

    Thanks for the reply. Yes the pgm works fine in my other cabs.
  13. westtrade

    Toshiba A68KJU96X Issue (Sega Astro City Monitor)

    Has anyone had a issue like this before: I have tried adjusting settings on the on the panel and the monitor itself and I get the same result. I am currently in the process of looking for a replacement monitor because even when this one was working correctly, it had some bad burn in issues...