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  1. buffi

    FS: Namco Power Supplies for System10 Medal Games

    I have three Namco PSU’s and some adapter board that I think were used for their medal games. Look high quality but I live in a 220v country and will never use these. See pics for specs No idea how to price these. 25eur + shipping for everything?
  2. buffi

    Very ugly repair of ”Mahjong Channel Zoom In”

    Bought a jong pcb for 2000yen that was marked broken. And yeah, heres the problem @caius makes repros of these chips (JK-2) but I didnt really feel like spending 40-ish euros on fixing a game that would only be like 10000yen new. … but I had done such a replacement previously and had the...
  3. buffi

    Multimeter recommendations?

    Slowly upgrading my gear to be less trash, and currently I have two cheap multimeters (one auto-rangeing, one manual) which are pretty slow and feel uh, low quality. Anyone have any good recommendations? Preferrably 200usd or less, but i can stretch that higher if required to get something decent
  4. buffi

    FS: Dogyuun - 900usd

    So I wasn't really planning to sell this, but then I saw this: And yeah, if thats what its worth and someone else wants to buy mine for the same then that sounds cool with me. Note on this board, the mounted prog rom with...
  5. buffi

    FS: Betsubetsu Arcade Capture board V2

    Selling new version of BetsuBetsu arcade capture card Have been testing this with a good number of games now and am happy with it. This is a simplified version of V1 with fewer components. Video gain is now handled with a triple pot. Audio gain is divided with a resistor ladder before the...
  6. buffi

    Wall art? More like wall cart! (Atomiswave cart wall mount)

    Do you have issues storing your atomiswave carts? Do you want something cool on your wall? Are you trying to motivate buying that 3d printer? WELL HAVE I THE FUCKING THING FOR YOU HUH! Is this a genius idea? Not sure, maybe?
  7. buffi

    Hakko FR-301 Desoldering Gun review

    I've used a cheap ZD-915 desoldering station from Amazon for a while now, and it worked somewhat ok at first, but have started giving me issues, so upgraded to a Hakko FR-301 and want to write a quick review of this thing. TL;DR: Basically, it's so much better. Buy this instead. While it's a...
  8. buffi

    What are these poop colored stains on some ICs

    See pic (brown smear at some ICs) Looks like same colors as ceramic caps, and some of those look funky but I mean… ceramic caps shouldnt leak/melt?
  9. buffi

    Astro City Mahjong Panel holder

    Gotta have a panel for the supergun. Took like 16h per endpiece despite printing at 120mm per seconds. Some slightly uneven parts, but overall happy with it!
  10. buffi

    Quick repair: Mahjong Daireikai

    Had a Mahjong Daireikai pcb that didn't give any video on boot. Investigations showed that a JK-02 IC had uh... some broken legs. Considered trying to fix this manually but that seemed like way too much work, and @caius are selling repros for these so went ahead and bought one of those...
  11. buffi

    WTB: Uchuu Daisakusen Chocovader

    Want to buy a pcb of this again, since I regret selling mine a long time ago. Happy to overpay a bit.
  12. buffi

    PCB holder for Astro City cab

    WIP but works well! Still iterating on this but seems to work well! Holder: Smol pcb: Big pcb: Currently notnfor stacked pcbs but could be modified for multiboard designa probably
  13. buffi

    Box for MP07-IONA-US

    I bought a 3D printer as well as a MP07-IONA-US, but it just comes as a bare PCB so modeled a quick box for it. This is basically the first print on the 3d printer, so I don't really know what I'm doing, and print quality will probably look nicer on a properly calibrated printer. Models are...
  14. buffi

    Tiny Autofire pcb that fits under a button

    This is such a simple small project that I don't understand why noone has done it before. Take this: Make a small pcb and put it under a OBSF-30 button. Small enough to just be able to plug into regular holes. Super easy and nice. Plug button...
  15. buffi

    WTB: Taisen Hot Gimmick 1

    Want to buy a pcb of Taisen Hot Gimmick 1 (mahjong). I have a duplicate of Hot Gimmick 2 for trade if you prefer that.
  16. buffi

    FS: Rare Cave cv1000 game not in mame

    I hear we are shitposting cavestuff so I want in. This is a rare cave pcb ”Okay Katana” thats not in mame so must be rare. Price: i dunno 5000 eur 🤷‍♂️ Black box under it not included
  17. buffi

    Soldering jamma connectors without hating everything about the world?

    So I have some adapters and other stuff I’ve designed and have been meaning to put up for sale… but it requires soldering jamma edge connectors to pcbs and holy shit is that the worst thing in the world or what? Takes time, a lot of solder, a lot of fumes and is mind-numbingly boring. Is there...
  18. buffi

    BetsuBetsu v2 (video splitter for streaming)

    V2 of BetsuBetsu video splitter is basically done. Gonna put this on github later this week probably. Pic next to v1 for scale. Changes from v1: - Video gain now using triple pot - Much smaller and less components - SEGA mini-din 9 instead of mini-din 8 (cheaper cables, same as Minigun...
  19. buffi

    Mahjong -> Jamma adapters (Interest check)

    Mahjong PCBs have a real weird pinout which looks basically nothing like Jamma. Voltage pins, video, audio and controls are all different, see: I'm currently using a hacked together adapter that...
  20. buffi

    WTB: Jamma adapter-fingerboard and jamma connector

    Want to buy WITHIN EU, a adapterboard similar to + a jamma connector for a small thing... Might print some pcbs myself, but takes a while to arrive in that case, so thought someone might have some available already.