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  1. Horris

    Naomi Crt or Namco Noir LCD?

    i'm confused so any help much appreciated, I'm happy playing my taito Tx2 on my naomi universal cab but I've been told it looks a lot better on a Namco Noir, I had a mess today and plugged it into my Dell computer monitor and I can't say I was overly impressed on how it looked, it was a bit...
  2. Horris

    Driving cab advice

    Hiya, I've got a jamma cab, a naomi cab and hopefully soon to have something newer like a Namco Noir, but I'm now thinking about maybe getting a driving cab, however space is limited so I'm hoping there maybe a cab type that can be used for more than one game, i'd like a naomi crazy taxi or an...
  3. Horris

    Namco Noir advice

    Hiya Group, i'm hoping someone can give me a little advice and this seems to be the most active thread for Namco noir's, I've recently got myself a naomi since using a standard jamma cab for years, I love my naomi and I'm also running a tx2 which is fantastic, however I've now got the bug and...