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  1. Mrhide

    Konami warzaid help

    So warzaid is a beast with 2 konami viper boards 2 omz-2d gun boards 1 konami gmc22-pwb board The rtcs are ok The network between the 2 vipers are ok … and this …. And then it reboots. Google returns ZERO hits on that error. As you can see above, the previous owner, a friend, ordered and...
  2. Mrhide

    Top Skater: optos and quick restoration

    So the jump front and tail are stuck at ON. There is 5v going, connectors are fine, are these real optos under there? or is it some other type of sensor? It's a bit of a pain to see and have access so wondering if anyone has any clues as to what to look for. The tail I see the optos but the...
  3. Mrhide

    Model 2c crx : Opinion on what happened and how to fix - FIXED

    Dynamite cop. I am thinking somebody inverted the rgb connector I have replaced the connector on the filter board ( nice to have that part in stock!) and have removed the female part from a dead hikaru board ( never throw stuff out! ). I will change that blue cap? As well Now looking at...
  4. Mrhide

    Chihiro dipswitches

    Well i’ve been looking for this for a while and don’t think i’ve ever seen them explained! Here you go and much testing to be done!
  5. Mrhide

    Virtual On finally down and up!

    So after picking up a Virtual On early january, it took my a while decide what to move and make room for it in the basement. Time Crisis 2 was finally decided this weekend and reassembling this double cab has taken the most time of all the cabs I've brought down so far... The good news: They...
  6. Mrhide

    Sega service CD

    I picked up a scratched "sega Service cd" and figured hey, maybe this could be helpful to someone. ps: I could not read the whole thing but it's "mostly complete". it's got manual, schematics, assemblies and bulletins about these games: pick up V2 here if interested or HERE if you are in...
  7. Mrhide

    Ms9-29SU missing a color (green)

    Ok i think i need a little help: The 2 screens of my virtual on exibit the same issue: no green Now if i touch the green cut off on the chassis, i get (too much) green. The green on the remote does nothing at all. I have tried a working remote and still nothing. I have changed the...
  8. Mrhide

    What’s going on with my PGM motherboard?!

    Has been working fine and now weird issues First glitch screen With or without a cart. Holding the test button brought me in the test mode… everything is fine, check the dip switches… oh dip 5 is on ! That’s my problem right? Well not so much Then it boots. No sound (but in the test its...
  9. Mrhide

    Konami Viper RTC dremel and battery replacement

    well I tried .... and it works :) ... so for anyone wanting to give it a shot, here's how the battery reveal itself as you dremel your way in The top tab is ground and is pretty easy to keep a big piece to attach to. ...and then I broke it .... it's DEEP ... don't afraid to dremel away...
  10. Mrhide

    Wells-Gardner 25k8112 Cap kit list?

    Looking to order some caps and I can't seem to find the info. Anyone can help? @nem ? :) Thanks
  11. Mrhide

    Erased Maskroms Irem M92?

    I have a really clean Irem Skins Games (us set 2) that is ...not booting. aka the black screen :stig: Power is good, cab is good with other boards, etc. I was about to start probing but thought, we not check the roms? Almost all of them are good, except mt20-ho-a and the maskroms @...
  12. Mrhide

    Naomi2 stuck in test

    anybody knows what this means? if I put a cart, it jumps here and that's all I can see or do. If I remove the cart, it loops in - > test page -> reboots -=> test page --> reboot.. Thanks
  13. Mrhide

    Sonic Wings/AeroFighters Screeching sound issue

    Need help for this issue: LOWER YOUR VOLUME: View: I've found a thread somewhere where 2 legs of the Yamaha YM2610 were touching and gave a similar effect but it's not the case for me and I have tried the following: -Swap the YM2610 -Swap the...
  14. Mrhide

    Chewlix TATE brackets

    I needed some chewlix TATE bracket and after getting the measures from pictures, I wanted to make a set or two and thought, why not ask my friend to draw them in autocad so we can water jet cut a bunch?! So we did: And then folded them turned out pretty good Anyway, I have 5 0 sets...
  15. Mrhide

    replacing Chihiro & Naomi netdimm battery with a DC to DC board

    I mentioned this a few times but never had pictures to make it clear. Since I've added it to yet another Chihiro, I thought I would snap a few pictures to document the process the dc to dc DFR0379 any ac adaptor above 7.2 volt will work (here an old KVM one it seems) insert the adaptor...
  16. Mrhide

    Sega Route 66 Restoration

    Going over the route 66 I picked up recently, I figured a stopper was missing on the driving shaft, thanks to this ebay listing. Good thing my favorite game moving helper is a machinist in real life! Not only did he remove the screws that were broken on the shaft (from the previous stopper)...
  17. Mrhide

    Atari GX2 video ram error

    So I am trying to figure out and fix the following error on my newly acquired space lords : I figured its the "video" RAM that's the issue because of the green screen and because it's the only test that fails: that side of the game boots and "play" but there are issues: like the...
  18. Mrhide

    SNK P.O.W. daughter board missing + rom size

    So I got this 5$ board that I tried and the daughter rom board is missing... thanks to LukeMorse () I see he gets the exact same results as me when his daughter board is installed "backwards". I see other boards without that daughter boards working and I see that ROM1 to ROM4 are filled with 4...
  19. Mrhide

    Price check: Sega Top Skater

    so how much should I offer for this working beast? Weight: 964 lbs =O
  20. Mrhide

    Taito New Zealand story Hardware

    I've got this Revenge of doh board that I gave up trying to play cause of the GOD DAMN spinner board and I'm wondering if I can convert it to something else in the "new Zealand story hardware games?" Seeing all the pals are already socketed, I'm hopefull? Anyone? Thanks!