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  1. zetsurin

    Namco Noir monitor swap help

    Hi all, i would like to replace my namco noir with an lg 32” monitor. I tore down the monitor casing of the noir and unfortunately it appears that all the metal framing is actually part of the stock monitor, unlike how it is with vewlix etc. So I can’t see an easy way to mount my lg panel in...
  2. zetsurin

    Mounts for installing LG 32MP58HQ into Vewlix F (maybe others)

    I made some basic mounts to hold the LG 32MP558HQ monitor in place in a Vewlix F monitor frame. It may support other non-Chewlix models, but I have none to test with. This is all completely non-destructive and reversible. Elsewhere on the forums there is a more professional solution to this...
  3. zetsurin

    SFX4000: WIP PCB to adapt an SFX power supply to fit inside the NVS4000

    HI all, This is my first foray into PCBs and using KiCad, but I have made up a PCB designed to fit inside the NVS 4000 enclosure allowing the aging power supply to be replaced by a new SFX power supply, while retaining the original appearance. I was driven to this after recapping a PSU only to...
  4. zetsurin

    WTB Sega New Astro City 400-5261

    Hi all, i am looking for one or two or these sega 400-5261 PSUs, as per the pic below. Would potentially consider non working ones also.
  5. zetsurin

    Hello from Melbourne, Australia

    Greetings all from Melbourne! I'm a collector primarily of Namco systems, but rapidly starting to branch out. It's that slippery slope where one system leads to another at the moment! I'm enjoying every minute of it. Hope this message finds everyone well!
  6. zetsurin

    Doco for cellFsArcadeHddSerialNumber?

    Hi all, I'm a bit late to the party with arcade collecting, but have purchased a System 357 with Tekken 6 a couple of months ago. I am patching out the security checks in order to be able to preserve my originals in case a HDD dies. I found the part where it checks the serial number against...