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  1. West

    Hello from PA (Philadelphia Region)

    Welcome! Very cool what you do for the gaming community. You’ll like it here.
  2. West

    FS: Golden Axe / System 16B

    Damn, nice price. GLWTS.
  3. West

    JasensCustoms - CPS1 Multi Case Thread

    Whatever it ends up being I’m down.
  4. West

    How to light up topper marquee for Egret 2, Egret 3 and AtomiswaveSD?

    I did this:
  5. West

    hello from korea.

    Welcome to AP! Lots of Cave love here.
  6. West

    The Retro Mac Thread

    This makes me itch to play Dark Castle.
  7. West

    Trade for ?

    @skate323k137 That's cool man. Yeah, it's always nice when you can get the wife/so/kids to enjoy the hobby along with you. I definitely felt a unique happiness when on an evening long ago I asked my wife what she felt like doing that evening and she said "I want to destroy you at puzzle bobble...
  8. West

    Trade for ?

    @skate323k137 Why the Blast? Aesthetics or something else?
  9. West

    Trade for ?

    @tonyt76 If you don’t mind, please post what you end up trading your NAC for. I’m interested to know what it’d trade for these days.
  10. West

    CPS1.5 Multi Spinner PCB

    PM sent for this and a few other of the add on PCB's.
  11. West

    Today I worked on lots o’ cabs!

    Damn dood. Razors aren’t that sharp. Beautiful thing to see.
  12. West

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    My multi finally arrived from HighScoreSave! Cant wait to get this thing up and running, particularly with all the additions Derick and Mitsu are doing. Huge props and thanks to @Darksoft and everyone involved in putting this together.
  13. West

    Taito Egret II PSU Adapter

    @Derick2k Sounds good man. No rush so all good to wait for the switch. I just Paypal'd you the $. Thanks again for putting this together. It looks super slick.
  14. West

    Taito Egret II PSU Adapter

    @Derick2k They turned out awesome bro! I'll take one unassembled kit please. You can surprise me with the voltmeter color. I would like the 12v connector and switch as well, so what would be the total for that, $20+8.25+?
  15. West

    Taito Egret II PSU Adapter

    Those look super dope man! I’m down for an unassembled kit with all the options.
  16. West

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Yessssss! Tracking number goodness has been received. Can’t. Freaking. Wait.
  17. West

    The Retro Mac Thread

    @skate323k137 Sick find! The Mac Plus is such a cool machine. It’s the first computer I really used as a kid so it has a special place in my heart. I played Dark Castle till I could beat it with my eyes closed. Love the carrying bag too.
  18. West

    SOLD: Primal Rage

    @Derick2k Hehe tempting for sure.
  19. West

    SOLD: Primal Rage

    Would Primal Rage fit in an E2/NAC?