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    DS CPS2 Multi Booting Question

    I was wondering why certain games will always reload correctly no matter how long the board has been powered off, but other titles need to be re-flashed after every dormancy longer than a few minutes. Dimahoo, for example, always comes right up no matter how long it's been off, but MvC (and most...
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    Running TTX3 Multi plus other systems in a Vewlix?

    If I wanted to run a TTX3 multi in a Vewlix via Fast I/O but also be able to easily switch to a different system like an Xbox360 or Mister, what's the best way to do that? Wanting to use the Vewlix stick/buttons for everything.
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    Sold: Taito Type X3 Spare Parts Lot

    Stock Taito x3 parts, sold as a lot only. All working, all good condition. $50 shipped to US. PM for elsewhere. CPU fan/heatsink Rear IO cover plate i3 2120 CPU MSI GTX640 GPU
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    ARTAX TTX3 Multi on stock Vewlix monitors?

    My understanding is that the ARTAX multi is hard-coded for 1080p only. Besides replacing the monitor altogether, what are the options for using ATRAX in a stock Vewlix with the older 720p screen? Is downscaling possible?
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    TTX3 Multi support for Gunslinger Stratos Gun/IO?

    Does anyone know if there's been any work to try and get the GS gun setup working for the gun games in the X3 multi? Seems like it would be a good fit since it uses Fast IO, in part at least.
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    TTX3 Multi Online Support?

    Does the ARTAX TTX3 v4 image support online play for any of the online-enabled games? I haven't tried anything yet, just curious. Sorry if this was already answered elsewhere.
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    TTX3 Motherboard Drop-in Replacement?

    Anyone know of an LGA 1155 motherboard that will drop right into an x3? Needs to have a COM header and 8-pin CPU power connector, a 1x and 16x PCIE, right? Anything I'm missing?
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    WTB: Taito Type x3 Motherboard

    Anyone have a spare? Any BIOS/Revision should be ok. PM offers with shipping to 19044 USA. Thanks
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    Lattice USB Reader for FAST IO FW?

    Anyone have a Lattice-compatible USB programmer? Something like this? In theory it seems like one should be able to at least read the existing FW on a FAST IO. It might be encrypted, in which case possibly not much use, but it would be really cool to be able to flash these things from 4 to 6...
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    List of Fast IO w/ 6-button Support

    I'm trying to put together a comprehensive list of verified FAST IO PCBs according to model number with 6-button support. Here goes: Supports 6 buttons, With JAMMA edge K91X1204A K91X1204B Supports 6 buttons, Without JAMMA edge K91X1202A K91X1243C K91X1252A Supports 4 buttons ONLY K91X1243A...
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    Cheaper Multi X3 Fast I/O Solution Found

    If you're looking for an X3 Multi IO solution to use with a JAMMA-wired cab or supergun for an that doesn't involve the $250 JAMMA Fast IO (K91X1204), get any one of the cheaper FAST IO units (I guess there's several), and a Pandora Box Home JAMMA harness instead. You'll need to sand down...
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    FastIO vs. JVS for X3 Multi

    Thinking about getting an X3 Multi setup. I'd be using it with a JAMMA supergun and 1080p monitor, so I need something that has a JAMMA edge for controls and supports 6 buttons. It looks like my 2 options are the Taito FastIO w/ JAMMA (K91X1204) and the Sega JVS IO with JAMMA (838-13683). Is...
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    Solved: Mister and JAMMASD combo oversaturates red channel?

    I have a JAMMASD and a Mister. When I use the two together, the red channel is way oversaturated to the point where everything that's supposed to be white is pink. It's bad enough that I can't even dial it out by lowering Red gain. This issue is discussed here, but no solutions. The Mister looks...
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    SOLD: (PRICE DROP) Analogue Nt Mini V1, Mod Chipped PS1, Mod Chipped Saturn

    SOLD Analogue Nt Mini V1 - Black, Complete in Box. Includes Extra NES30 controller which is also CIB. Latest jailbreak firmware installed. Upgraded HDMI cable. No SD card included. Good condition, Works great. Includes original shipping box. This is not V2 Noir. The V1 has superior analog audio...
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    ISO: Neo 25 or 29 Marquee Holder

    Does anyone have the marquee holder from a Neo 25 or Neo 29 candy cabinet topper? The part is shown highlighted below. Thanks.
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    FS: Everdrive N8 Famicom version

    Everdrive N8 Famicom version. AliExpress edition. Pretty sure the hardware is identical, just sold unofficially. Use OS v1.13, anything later will not work. Works great. Includes clamshell case. No SD included. Pics here. $60 shipped in US. PM for elsewhere.
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    SOLD: Pana Custom Supergun

    Pana Custom Supergun 2L12B in great condition. Original sticks and buttons. Features include adjustable rapid fire, built-in speaker, mono/stereo switch, 110v/220v switchable PSU, headphone out. Included harness features CPS1/2/3 adapter. No AV cables included, but it uses standard cables for...
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    Pana Twin/Custom S-video Quality

    My Pana Custom's S-video is pretty bad. It's pretty dim and goes out of sync periodically for most games. Composite looks great. The video boards have been recapped by me, no help. Any ideas?
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    New Retrogaming Apparel Shop

    I recently opened a Redbubble shop for selling retrogaming-themed apparel with specific emphasis on candy cabs. I have 5 designs up currently with more incoming. I'll take requests for designs if possible. Please take a look if you're interested. Cheers.