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  1. dremcast

    Time crisis 4 working on standar system 256?

    Hello recently I bough 1 time crisis 4 deluxe machine but sadly both cpu are dead I change for standar 256 system now have video but game won’t boot saying error msg . I know time crisis 4 use super system 256 but . Are there any way or any modification allow me use standar system 256 to as...
  2. dremcast

    Need replacement disc - Dragon Ball Z

    Hi briZzo thank u a lot I’m wishing for the 256 multi dongle . I have one question/favor i have some system 256 games teken 5 dr kinimuman gundan and super dragon ball Z all Original including dongle but super dragon ball z is to scratch and game got freez after a while I try to copy or download...
  3. dremcast

    How to copy a system 256 dvd?

    Hi i have some system 256 games whit his dongles 1 teken 5 dR 2 super dragon ball z 3 gundan game 4 wrestling game well dragon ball z i think its have so many scratches and game some times work and load great and some time no i make some test and download some games from mame places in chd and...
  4. dremcast

    system 256/246 isos

    hi i have some system 256/246 games but some of then are too scratches and dosent work properly are there any way to download isos fo this games to allow me use whit my keys? i have tekken 5 dark resurection some times read errors and some time runs soul calibur 2 dosent read one wrestling...