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  1. mthngn

    CPU for Killer Instinct

    hello, I throw a bottle into the sea. I am looking for a cpu for my Killer Instinct board. What reference? where find one? Does a member have a cpu to sell me? Your help is invaluable. Regards
  2. mthngn

    Installation of CPS2 AV Digital (Help me please)

    Hi, I create this post because I try and try and try so many times that at the end I haven't no idea where I miss something ?( . I wish you can help me :saint: . Thanks to @Danexmurder who trys already. Step by step I am going to post pictures of my "work". Tutorial is extracted from...
  3. mthngn

    CPS2 consolization, only video part

    Hi, Do you think it is possible to use this card to extract video signal of a CPS2's jamma and have a RGB signal. as you can see, this card was created for MVS system. Best regards
  4. mthngn

    How many ram needed for my future CPS3

    Hi, i have bought a CPS3 with a game (sf3.1) I buy also a cardbridge sh2 with superbios. think i could play with some cps3 games but not all because not enough memory could you see the picture and confirm that a need 1x64 and 1x128 i read a post of darksoft who sells ram but only 128. does...
  5. mthngn

    [FOUND] Capcom CPS3

    Hi, i am looking for a CPS3 I live in France. if you sell one, PM me please best regards
  6. mthngn

    Hello everybody

    Hello First, excuse my english, I’m french so... :whistling: I’m 44yo I play videogames since i’m 7yo I have a pretty cool MVS collection. Now, Ím interested in the Line up of Capcom of 1990-2000: CPS2. A friend talk to me multiCPS so Im here Best regards