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  1. rocket

    DBZ Zenkai setup

    great thanks!
  2. rocket

    DBZ Zenkai setup

    heads up this game doesnt use the jvs io
  3. rocket

    Did Sega Outrun 2 SP ever exist for the Lindbergh?

    is the lindbergh version just a port or was there any in game extras added that were not in the chihiro version?
  4. rocket

    FS: Noir 2p cp, Noir 1p cp, and Vewlix L 2p repro panel

    do you still have the noir 1p control panel? would be interested in that one can you send a pic?
  5. rocket

    Interest check: P.RAS/AIME home button and card reader harness

    lindbergh version for the one next to the coin slot
  6. rocket

    Namco ES3

    wood5578 can you check you pm?
  7. rocket

    Namco System ES3 - Tekken 7 Graphic Problem

    has the es3 been cleaned at all? or is it full of dust and dirt? if full of dust and dire clean out video card and es3
  8. rocket

    Hello from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metromess :)

    took enough years for you to make it over here. LOL
  9. rocket

    DBZ Zenkai setup

    what is the ip address for zenkai battle?
  10. rocket

    want to buy a broken system 357 a or b unit for parts.

    want to buy a broken system 357 a or b unit for parts.
  11. rocket

    Lindbergh,noir,vewlix control panels are they all compatable

    thanks for replying. yes i did find that out in the end
  12. rocket

    Customized versions of games for system 2X6

    Ah Ah. Ya it uses v257 str board. Good to know it needs the ffb
  13. rocket

    Customized versions of games for system 2X6

    Whats the scoop? Does it let it work with v315 or v320?
  14. rocket

    Namco Noir advice

    anything that can use rj45 eithernet networking and 2 computers/pcb to play vs use 2 computers. anything that can only use 1 computer/pcb to play a game use the namco vs link board
  15. rocket

    CHIHIRO TYPE 3: New Firmware !

    i have the one provided from here. was a few years ago. it is not the one currently posted.
  16. rocket

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    delete all the save folders in the partition that has them using another computer. then put back in ttx2 computer boot back up let it make the folder on its own again. then the saves will work again.
  17. rocket

    CHIHIRO TYPE 3: New Firmware !

    is there a fix for this issue with the battery and the board. i have 1 unit with the same issue.
  18. rocket

    Namco System 256 PlayStation Controller adapters for sale!!! NOW Available!!!

    Any word on the progress of this project?