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  1. Chacranajxy

    FS: Cannon Dancer / Osman original kit *SOLD*

    Honestly, not an insane price… relatively speaking. I bought a bare board last year and it cost a lot, but I’ve never regretted it. Good luck with the sale.
  2. Chacranajxy

    Is it possible to improve JAMMA sound quality?

    A lot of words get spent on how to get to get the best possible video quality out of older hardware, but audio tends to get neglected. Which is kinda sad. I've been trying to figure if there's any way to ensure I'm getting the best possible sound quality out of JAMMA boards. I'm not talking...
  3. Chacranajxy

    Update; EU only PCB bundle; Volfied, Caveman Ninja, Devastators, Shanghai, Raiden DX / 2 + Street Smart! ALL SOLD !

    Well, if you open up to just buying, I'd be interested in Daimakaimura
  4. Chacranajxy

    Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

    Awesome - sounds like I'm in for one. Gonna be nice to finally have a convenient way to hook up JVS boards.
  5. Chacranajxy

    Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

    Kinda curious about this thing primarily because it seems like it a one-size fits all solution... or as much as there is one with arcade games. I'm curious what the Taito F3 support is like, though. Those games work on the HAS if you're using the VGA out to an OSSC... is there a similar sort...
  6. Chacranajxy

    Home Arcade System

    Using the Espgaluda PCB. Espgaluda's the only other game I tested via HD15 - the rest were through RGB SCART. Pretty much everything else works. I know OutZone doesn't, but that's the only other exception. But Guwange is fine, Armed Police Batrider is fine. It's weird. I know the boards in...
  7. Chacranajxy

    Home Arcade System

    Still no luck running Dodonpachi or Esprade. Tried it with the HD15 adapter through the OSSC and with RGB SCART, and it's telling me no sync. I think I've tried every combination of TTL and CSync settings, but no dice. Oddly enough, I tried Espgaluda on the HD15 adapter and it wouldn't sync...
  8. Chacranajxy

    Home Arcade System

    Are you using a SCART cable, or VGA?
  9. Chacranajxy

    Home Arcade System

    I got my HAS 4.1, but I'm running into an issue getting Dodonpachi and Esprade to work - not getting sync with either, on the OSSC or the Retrotink 5x. I'm connected via RGB SCART with the Csync level set to 75R. I've tried the buffered and regenerated modes. Sound and controls work - just...
  10. Chacranajxy

    Home Arcade System

    Managed to snag a 4.1 this time. Phew. How many months have I had a tab open on the HAS page waiting for it to show up? Well, anyway, looking forward to it.
  11. Chacranajxy

    All gone, thank you!

    Man, you really don't see TGM come up that often these days. That alone makes the lot. Would love to get SFEX2+ if you change your mind on splitting them up, but good luck with the lot, regardless.
  12. Chacranajxy

    WTB: Atomiswave games (legit carts) - Metal Slug 6, KOF XI, NGBC, Samsho VI

    Yep, I fully expect it'll be a while before I find GGX 1.5. Which is fine - it's the lowest priority on my list at this point. I'm just glad I got Dolphin Blue out of the way a while ago.
  13. Chacranajxy

    WTB: Atomiswave games (legit carts) - Metal Slug 6, KOF XI, NGBC, Samsho VI

    Oh, wow. That might just knock a bunch of them out in one swoop. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. Chacranajxy

    WTB: Atomiswave games (legit carts) - Metal Slug 6, KOF XI, NGBC, Samsho VI

    I'm looking to complete my Atomiswave collection and.... I have kind of a ways to go. Looking for legit carts, and I'm looking to buy rather than trade. My wishlist is: Metal Slug 6 The King of Fighters XI Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Samurai Shodown VI Guilty Gear X 1.5
  15. Chacranajxy

    Home Arcade System

    I'm running into an issue playing Dodonpachi on my HAS 3.1 - no video output. I've got the HAS hooked up to an OSSC via SCART, and am getting a NO SYNC message on AV1. Audio and the controls are working fine - just the video output that isn't playing nicely. Oddly, my Guwange board works just...
  16. Chacranajxy

    WTB Daraku Tenshi The Fallen Angels PCB

    I didn't even realize the thing actually got released. I'm just waiting for the finished EXA version, personally.
  17. Chacranajxy

    For trade Capcom, Konami, Namco, Sega pcbs

    Still only looking for trades?
  18. Chacranajxy


    Phew. That much these days? Cool stuff.