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    SOLD:Battle Garegga Bootleg

    Many people PM me
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    SOLD:Battle Garegga Bootleg

    If I can make this pcb,how many pieces can I sell?
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    SOLD:Battle Garegga Bootleg

    Test OK,$140 free shipping
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    WTB: Taito X2 HDD/SDD Tray

    ttx2 all in one HDD and SSD
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    Found - TTX3 multi SSD

    I can make it in SSD
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    FS:Cadillacs & Dinosaurs bootleg perfect sound

    3 version,93,Turbo 97 and Jurassic 99,if you are interested in it,PM me which version you want $45 each
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    WTB Supergun

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    FS:money puzzle exchanger

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    FS:Super-x arcade pcb

    We will definitely pack the goods before we send them, and we don't want you to receive damaged goods
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    FS:Super-x arcade pcb

    I can't control the logistics damage, I can only guarantee that the test before delivery is good, if the received goods are damaged, I can refund
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    FS:Super-x arcade pcb

    $199,do not include shipping fee
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    FS:Battle Shark PCB

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    Lei Shen Zhuan / Battle Garegga hack - Help / Advice needed

    don't worry,I still have another pcb,I am repairing it,when I done,I will send it to you
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    FS:Sega STV Mainboard And Soukyugurentai Game

    Mainboard:$130 Soukyugurentai:$520
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    SOLD:R-Shark PCB Test OK

    $190,do not include shipping fee
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    Need an answer

    ok,thank you
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    Need an answer

    Hello, can you explain a little bit, I don't understand very well
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    Need an answer

    Does anyone know what game this cartridge corresponds to? The bottom plate of this game cartridge is different from the usual one. I saw one and want to buy it back
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    FS:Single cps2, Street Fighter Zero 3

    Single layer cps2, original Japanese version,$210,do not include shipping fee
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    FS:Operation Wolf 3

    tset ok,$195,do not include shipping fee