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  1. clintkolodziej

    Multi JVS v1.0

    I think I installed bounce2 using the Arduino extensions “store” (or whatever they call it in the software). I believe alternatively it can be downloaded and installed manually. I think Kikaso gave info on the process in an earlier post in the thread.
  2. clintkolodziej

    Naomi Widescreen Hack

    Waiting for people to ask for an ultra-widescreen hack in 4…3…2…1…
  3. clintkolodziej

    Let's (Respectfully) talk about the Rules™

    I don't think restricting new users from the sales section is the right approach. How would people new to the hobby get hardware and learn enough to become valuable parts of the community without it? That would just feed all the new users to the eBay flippers and further exacerbate the problem...
  4. clintkolodziej

    FS: Some Cave pcbs

    Really sorry to hear that, terrible news. My condolences to you and your family.
  5. clintkolodziej

    Home Arcade System

    Have you tried using a Line Conditioner such as the APC Line-R 1200? That should smooth out any power related issues and give a cleaner/more stable power input for your devices. I had some weird issues and noise in my basement console setup, running things through one of these seemed to help.
  6. clintkolodziej

    How to Create a Zero Key (PIC) For Net Booting and CF on NAOMI Chihiro and Triforce

    Just sharing my experience using the GQ-4x4 to create a zero pic. I just picked up this programmer and used the OP's BIN files and settings and wasn't having any luck. When I tried using the byte swap function on the buffer before writing it wouldn't verify (this was mentioned as a possible...
  7. clintkolodziej

    Home Arcade System

    They did that to mine too. Seems to have survived as far as I can tell. Hopefully I have time tomorrow to assemble and fire it up. Definitely a good mail day!
  8. clintkolodziej

    An improved JVS-PAC (JVS-PAC 2)

    I think gamepad mode would help with Mister support in cores that don’t support MAME keys, such as console cores? 1p console games may be able to map to a virtual keyboard device but 2p games I believe still require separate gamepad device ids. Looks like JPAC firmware (v1.36) provides two...
  9. clintkolodziej

    Home Arcade System

    That connector on your C-board doesn’t look stock to me, they are generally white. Any idea if a previous owner replaced it with a different connector?
  10. clintkolodziej

    Arcade-Projects Jamma extension cables

    I'd buy a set as well if anyone is putting these up for sale or knows someone building them.
  11. clintkolodziej

    Sega 838-13683-02 help

    I did this on my board and got it working. I was also having some really odd issues with my fight sticks going native DB15 to my HAS, directions weren't working and on one stick diagonals mapped to the credit button. Really odd. When I hook my sticks up with USB into undamned usb decoders...
  12. clintkolodziej

    Sega 838-13683-02 help

    Did you ever solve this? I have the same issue with a Naomi 1 with the same IO board. Credit doesn't work, also Directionals are all stuck high on the JVS test. I read a few places that without a coin meter this board has issues, there is talk of wiring the coin meter pin on the jamma edge to...
  13. clintkolodziej

    Home Arcade System

    Will there be any extra units available in this batch, or is there a wait list to be added to in case anyone doesn't purchase from the original preorder list?
  14. clintkolodziej

    Home Arcade System

    Just went to preorder for the next batch and it says preorders are temporarily closed, does that mean I missed out on the October batch?