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  1. Johnfan1986

    SOLD-CPS1.5 Warriors of Fate (JP Version and only B board desuicide battery)

    I have an extra CPS1.5 board would like to sell. Good condition, All original roms (Good seals), 100% working, JP version, B board desuicide battery, original C board (swap the battery on 5/5/2022), good Q sound + art set (Copy) US $800. For more PICs, please click the following link...
  2. Johnfan1986

    FS : Some Arcade PCB stuff

    Raiden DX - Sold
  3. Johnfan1986

    FS: Cannon Dancer / Osman original kit *SOLD*

    Wah! I have never seen this perfect board before. Fantastic!!!!
  4. Johnfan1986

    FS : Some Arcade PCB stuff

    Raiden DX with good sound and board. Bump.
  5. Johnfan1986

    Positive feedback for hatmoose

    I'm glad to purchase the cps 3 cart shell with Matt! Excellent product, sale and shipping arrangement!! Thank you so much!
  6. Johnfan1986

    CPS3 Repro Carts!!

    Thanks Darksoft and Mitsurugi-w ! The repro cart is well received!!!
  7. Johnfan1986

    FS : Some Arcade PCB stuff

    Bump Price Drop of Raiden DX !
  8. Johnfan1986

    Hi,I like collecting some arcade PCB and making some small accessories,nice to meet you.

    Welcome! I'm also live in HK. Nice to meet you!
  9. Johnfan1986

    [WTB] Sailormoon jamma pcb japanese

    Check the pcb selling threads!
  10. Johnfan1986

    FS : Some Arcade PCB stuff

    Drop price of the Raiden DX JP version.
  11. Johnfan1986

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    Thanks for the fast shipment and the gorgeous product!!! (Only 2 days for shipping from Europe to HK). Easy and convenient to update the firmware!!! This is the best Christmas gift!
  12. Johnfan1986

    FS : Some Arcade PCB stuff

    Bump! The Raiden DX.
  13. Johnfan1986

    Official: CPS1 (CPS1.5) Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    Please add me to the pre-order list. I would like to order 2 set. Thanks!