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  1. hatmoose

    Where do folks buy their 22 awg wire in bulk?

    Anyone placed an order with Akishop recently? I vaguely recall something about something mumble mumble, but can't remember the details. Are they still shipping?
  2. hatmoose

    Positive Feedback: Close Quarters Battle Arcade (

    Thanks! I saw this advertised on Facebook a while back, then it disappeared (because Facebook) and I could not find it again. So I followed the advice of Obi Wan, recognised that the feeling of loss was an attachment, and let the attachment pass from my life. But the force works in mysterious...
  3. hatmoose

    replacing scsi cd-rom drive with scsi sd card adapter?

    I think there may be something else going on here. I was experiencing similar weirdness a while back and wrote a post about "expected behaviour" of a CPS3 board in various fail states and misconfigurations. Now I have 4 x CPS3 boards it's much easier to test this kind of stuff, but at current...
  4. hatmoose

    Late introduction. Greetings from Iowa

    Welcome, and thank you for everything you do! New ideas, concepts and products are the lifeblood of this hobby and your efforts are appreciated
  5. hatmoose

    Announcement/Coming soon: Apocalypse's First Console Product---The MarkMaster

    This is an exciting announcement for two reasons. 1) it’s freaking awesome! 2) apocalypse is involved! Can’t wait to see what happens next, exciting!
  6. hatmoose

    Sony BVM owners - open source BKM10/11R clone now available

    Mainly posting this here so I don't forget later The Revision B uses tactile switches with bi-colour LED's in a very strange "2-leg" configuration - just like the Sony original These tactile switches are sometimes available but cost $5 each, and there are dozens on the board (TL1265RGQSCLR)...
  7. hatmoose

    pcb cad

    I had the same question, the best answer I was able to find it buried in this (un-indexed by google) documentation here Specifically Working with pads -> Pad type -> edge connector Edge Connector pads are SMD pads that are allowed to overlap...
  8. hatmoose

    Hi from down under

    Haha, sorry, was not clear - by "on here" I meant here on arcade-projects. In NZ there is not much. Totally agree on the LCD thing - although a nice Viewlix would find a happy home in my collection :-)
  9. hatmoose

    Hi from down under

    Welcome fellow kiwi! You’re right about the community here in NZ being tiny. Lots of activity on here tho!
  10. hatmoose

    Minigun Supergun - An Open Source Supergun

    Yeap This is an absolute steal for the quality Or if you absolutely must aliexpress then these ones are awfully crappy but they do work...
  11. hatmoose

    Minigun Supergun - An Open Source Supergun

    +1 for the goats answer. 8 pin is standard XRGB pinout (straight through, no resistors or caps in the cable required, sync and r, g, b are already attenuated on the Minigun.) 9 pin is standard Megadrive 2 pinout red , green and blue are NOT attenuated on the Minigun, will need to be...
  12. hatmoose

    Hakko FR-206 reconditioning and restoration - project log

    Kind of a lame one, mainly posting it so I don’t try this again. I personally hate wet sponge tip cleaning, but clearly many others love it. The Hakko FR-200 iron holder comes with either a wet sponge or a brass shavings cup. The holder is some kind of cast alloy. It’s not heavy enough to be...
  13. hatmoose

    Hakko FR-206 reconditioning and restoration - project log

    Unbelievable - it works perfectly as far as I can tell. Passes all the tests, all the ports report OK. The loud beeping was the alarm saying that there was no handle plugged in. I'm probably going to have to rebuild the pump, but otherwise it looks as good as new. I shall now bankrupt myself...
  14. hatmoose

    Jasen's amazing case is doing ONE last run

    Thank you for your awesome work! producing any kind of anything is challenging at the moment and you are doing the doing. Quick question on the "Melty" theme (Red top, Black bottom) - any pics or colour swatches for the red colour? is it like a candy apple red, or a blood red? Red Cross red?
  15. hatmoose

    CPS3 booting issues

    Sounds like it, yes. Be aware that there are FOUR versions of the Bios in the bios zip file. For your use case (SH2=Custom, want to read from CD drive) you'll be wanting the one called UltraBIOS_for_custom_SH2_AUTOSELECT_v1.0_CD.u2 And of course you will need to burn the "custom SH2" version...
  16. hatmoose

    Dream come true

    Amazing, they look better than new! Traveling to Japan is hard at the moment, now Japan is in your house!
  17. hatmoose

    CPS3 booting issues

    Have a read of this thread - everything is in there Basic summary Thing the first There are two versions of the SH2 security chip 1) Custom (this is what ships with a OEM CPS3 cart) 2) Standard (this is what you can...
  18. hatmoose

    CPS3 booting issues

    I was in the same place a while back - is confusing AF. let me dig out my notes and post them
  19. hatmoose

    Jasens Customs CPS3 cases - new production run June 2022

    If you've been waiting for metal CPS3 cases this could be it Just saw this on twitter And indeed available for order here
  20. hatmoose

    Good news for Sony BVM owners - "Z" board reproduction from Martin

    More good news for BVM owners, the awesome @skumlos has released his reproduction "Z" board for Evergreen chassis BVM's this is a service tool that allows you to probe the cards on a running BVM - if you've ever seen the waveforms in the manual and thought "how do I probe for that in a BVM...