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    Toshiba PD1843 black bar.

    You need an extended remote board to access the colors (as well as other geometry configuration). Someone on the forums might still sell them, but I don't know who off the top of my head.
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    FS: Hokuto No Ken pachinko machine

    Still available.
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    FS: Vewlix blue diamond monitor

    I have a Vewlix blue diamond monitor for sale. It's the complete monitor, so it will drop right into your Vewlix. Model is AX080B077H and is made by IPS Alpha Technologies. If anything, the monitor frame can be a great candidate for a Hadouken universal bracket. Asking $400. I'd rather NOT...
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    FS: Hokuto No Ken pachinko machine

    I'm trying to sell a Hokuto No Ken pachinko machine for a friend. It works perfectly. Asking $2,500 for it. The machine is being stored in Walnut, California. So shipping can be arrange and my guess would be around $400 to ship. Please message me if you are interested. Here is a video of...
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    CPS1 Multi - Support thread

    You mean MY mini cute. :P Glad you got it all sorted out thought.
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    Y2 kof02 revenge

    For reference, this is what the title screen of the Japanese version looks like. It too has an English option.
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    Y2 kof02 revenge

    As someone who owns the Japanese version... the OP is selling the Chinese version. This is an actual PCB that can be used in JAMMA or JVS. Either in 15khz or 31khz. But in 15khz, it will run in interlace. In 31khz, it will run progressive.
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    WTB Nanao MS9 Monitor Chassis

    Be weary of buying caps from arcadepartsandrepair. While their value is correct, their size doesn't always fit. I've gotten caps that don't fit the physical spare they are supposed to go in from them before.
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    Sega nvs4000 astro city sound problems. [Fixed]

    Maybe it's this issue?
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    Negative feedback thread for kcarcadegame

    Me too. If I didn't, I would've gone to my credit card company. That's what happened with Overcome Arcade. PayPal denied a 50% refund, so I went to my credit card company and they gave me back 100% of my money. So beware of Overcome Arcade too everyone.
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    Negative feedback thread for kcarcadegame

    My last KC sale went pretty badly. I bought a Vewlix blue diamond from him for a friend, since he wouldn't deal with my friend anymore. Get the cab, cosmetically, it looks good. He leaves... I turn on the cab... dead monitor. Doesn't turn on. So I call him and he eventually comes back about...
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    WTB Nanao MS9 Monitor Chassis

    This is incorrect. MS-2930, 2931, and 2933 are tri-sync. MS-2932 and 2934 are VGA only. So @PascalP is correct that it is VGA only.
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    FS: Official Taito JVS Vewlix I/O

    Still have these if anyone is interested.
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    WTB: Vewlix F 1P panel

    Send you a DM.
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    Hakko FR-301 Desoldering Gun review

    I'm in the 808 camp too. I've had mine for ages also.
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    WTB: Sega Naomi and/or Net dimm

    Get a mobo first, then we'll talk sucka. :P
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    WTB: AMP UP - any color EXCEPT white

    That's be awesome. I'll send you a DM. Thank you,
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    Running TTX3 Multi plus other systems in a Vewlix?

    So the moral of the story is... get another Vewlix! 8o
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    Running TTX3 Multi plus other systems in a Vewlix?

    I think the easiest way would be run a Brooks board with it inside your Vewlix. Too bad you want Fast I/O, otherwise, I'd suggest a Sega USB I/O. I run that inside my Vewlix and the JVS portion runs my X3, while I can also run Steam at the same time, using the same I/O.
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    WTB: AMP UP - any color EXCEPT white

    I have bought plenty from Digikey. The problem is that they are out of stock a lot on AMP UP, especially in different colors.