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  1. 100Proof

    Selling everything! Inquire within!

    GLWTS. Hope whatever's going on gets settled positively. I'm full up right now but anybody would be lucky to get these clean cabs. This is your time to step up, East Coasters.
  2. 100Proof


    I assume fully assembled means I don't need to provide the GBA mobo? The website isn't very clear.
  3. 100Proof

    US Chewlix stock?

    You may want to keep looking. COE doesn't have the best reputation.
  4. 100Proof

    LF: PSUs (Astro, Naomi Sun)

    Didn't come with one. Seller had the aforementioned SuzoHapp in it and had rigged up coin/test/service buttons.
  5. 100Proof

    LF: PSUs (Astro, Naomi Sun)

    Gonna look in to both River Service and Mean Well. What model of the Mean Well is appropriate for Japanese cabs?
  6. 100Proof

    LF: PSUs (Astro, Naomi Sun)

    I got a replacement Sun from Yaton so that's up and running. Still trying to figure out what to do with the AC. I've been told that Happ's "Power Pro 230/110" is a suitable replacement but can't find any confirmation either way. Last thing I want is to wire it up and blow a perfectly good...
  7. 100Proof

    Game Saru cab imports - Open for orders (updated 6/29/2022)

    As one of the many of us who hope you can continue running a top-flight business without having a nervous breakdown, do whatever it takes to lighten your burden, man. Delegate. Stop checking all messages. Take a 2-week Caribbean vacation. Whatever helps. We appreciate the service you provide...
  8. 100Proof

    Negative feedback thread for kcarcadegame

    Unfortunately, that's how all of this hobby works now. Somebody sees something sell for some ridiculous price (whether it's on a forum or eBay) and then everybody thinks that's the going rate, regardless of condition or "completeness". Between that and whales who do no research and just pay...
  9. 100Proof

    FS: New Astro City and 2 Stools (South Carolina)

    I'm full up at the moment but there are plenty of people looking. Now's your chance, Carolinians! Scoop this and keep it local!
  10. 100Proof

    SSF2X Tournament Battle announced!!

    Just got to that part. There's a weird little de-sync after a fireball collision and then yeah, strange behavior abounds.
  11. 100Proof

    SSF2X Tournament Battle announced!!

    Watching now. Glad to see everything went off without a hitch. Well... after all of the other headaches. View:
  12. 100Proof


    Just chiming in to say I ordered something from him through here in Feb and received it last week. Had to follow up a couple of times but he was very apologetic and got me a tracking number eventually. Sorry to hear he's in poor health... hopefully everyone gets their stuff or made whole. Kind...
  13. 100Proof

    SSF2X Tournament Battle announced!!

    Don't want to say too much except that this is exactly what it appears to be and it's awesome. Much props to all of the people involved in its creation and I can't wait for this thing to be out in the wild.
  14. 100Proof

    Sammy atomiswave Samurai Shodown VI original game card

    Given the price and the fact there's no foil seal, readable serial number (easiest way to tell an Atomiswave boot) or rounded edges on the sticker, the buyer should assume this is a bootleg cart and not "original". Most Atomiswave bootlegs are fine so long as they're priced appropriately but...
  15. 100Proof

    This may sound like a really dumb question but... Where is the Khz switch on a Blast City?

    Yeah, it varies. One of mine switches automatically (2931) and the other has a board that sits under the bezel (2930).
  16. 100Proof

    (SOLD) Vewlix F

    Go get 'em, Morris County. :)
  17. 100Proof

    FS: Project Justice NAOMI cart (Naomi MOBO sold)

    Price drop. Somebody take this thing before I have to put it on eBay!
  18. 100Proof

    ATX-2-Naomi Power Adapters

    Appreciate the heads up.
  19. 100Proof

    ATX-2-Naomi Power Adapters

    Of course, my old Sun PSU craps out now when Mitsu can't find the parts. :) Anybody have any spare Sun PSUs lying around?
  20. 100Proof

    LF: PSUs (Astro, Naomi Sun)

    Looking for two power supplies: - Replacement PSU for my Astro City. Doesn't need to be OEM, just compatible and reliable. Preferably new-ish. - A Sun PSU to run a Naomi NetDIMM setup. If someone could point me in the right direction to find either (if they're available at retail anywhere) or...